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Low Dose First Cycle Advice

Hey Guys,

So i’ve been planning to start my first cycle, but i’ve been thinking that instead of jumping on 500mg of test (like everyone does for their first cycle), i would do an enhanced TRT consisting of 250mg of test + HCG and stay on this dose for a while.

My goal is to have steady gains over a long period of time and i think 250mg of test is good for that and the HCG would keep the boys running while on cycle and i wouldn’t be needing an AI on this kind of dosage.

I wanna do this for the long haul and since fertility is my main concern, i came here to to get some feedback on this approach and if the HCG on “cycle” plus using only test (no 19nors or DHT derivatives) would be a (somewhat) safe option for my goals (steady slow gains, preserve fertility, having a smooth PCT when i decide to come off which would be in months but probably years).

Also just to clarify, i’m on a self prescribed Clomid mono therapy for a few years now and it’s been working great.

I would love some feedback and would greatly appreciate any advice.

I hope i’m not offending anyone here by asking this since this section is only for TRT purposes and enquiries but i feel this qualifies as that and i’ll remove the post if it doesn’t adhere to the rules

If you havn’t actually been on real TRT I suggest doing that first. Get yourself dialed in on a solid TRT regimen so you have a baseline. Then if you want to dabble in the dark side, thats a personal choice.

As far as ‘enhanced’ goes you are going to have the same shut down / fertility sides whether its 250mg or 500mg. Point being you might as well maximize your gains since the down sides are the same. 500mg is tolerable by most and also most don’t need an AI still on this. But I think @Chris_Colucci should still move this to the pharma forum.

You’re going to end up on trt one way or the other. I think @blshaw gave you the correct answer here.

For guys who are on the trt track anyway there are three choices, each having their own merits.

  1. Start trt, get dialed in, make progress, then eventually cycle
  2. Start a cycle and then end it by going to trt
  3. Start a trt+ at like 250, get bigger gains than trt but smaller than a cycle, and then eventually blast at a high dose, and resume normal trt after that, done at whatever intervals you find agreeable

I believe #1 is the safest choice, #2 gets you the most gains, and #3 is kind of a hybrid that acclimates you to your future while still keeping open the option to bail out and lower your dose with minimal disruption. I actually am now the drug coach (I made up that title) of a family member who’s wrestling with this exact problem. He wants to cycle, but he also wants to be on trt. And he wants to remain fertile. It’s not an easy thing to plan out because the number of externalities is high and the variance in outcomes is wider than you can reasonably plan for.

Figure out what you want and what risks you’re ok with. Once you know that you’ll have the right answer.