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Low Dose Equipoise Cycle

Hi my stats are 30 years old, 5 ft10, 90kg and around 15% body fat.

I have done one cycle before … 12 weeks of test C 300mg an had really good gains. I am debating to do 300mg test 360 EQ … i know this is a low dose but i would rather start low and see how it goes instead of go in really high. ( i can always up the dose if needed) Is this dose enough to see gains? Has anyone had experience with low dose EQ? Im quite acne prone so thats the main think i would like to avoid.

I don’t see a question… are you looking for validation? Only you can choose what is right for your body. Yeah that’s on the low side for EQ but if its what you’re comfortable with then who cares. You should get some nice gains and its a fairly mild side effect wise cycle so win win? You may want to read up on the other recent post about EQ crashing somebody’s E2. I’m only mentioning it so you may choose to abstain from the AI use as its not likely needed.

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I better edit it lol… But yeah basically validation. I was thinking to start low an bump if i need to? just looking for some opinions. Yeah i really don’t wanna take a AI if it can be helped. i have one on deck incase. Will i see gains of the EQ? I know that the test dose is right for me.

How long are you looking to run the eq?


16 weeks i will run Eq and test

You’ll definitely experience lean gains over time along with an endurance boost. This is the type of dose an MMA athlete would use. Should definitely help your performance with a bit of muscle gain. People always seem to say EQ doesn’t do anything, well that’s probably because it takes so long to kick in along with the fact it barely aromatizes so you aren’t gonna get the “dbol gains” which are mostly just water. You’d also probably be happier at 500 test, much more gains and unlikely to really get that many sides. You could run it for 8 weeks and then bump the test up as you go — up to you