Low Dose Dianabol Ending in Crashed e2

A little background about myself, I am a former heavy user of anabolics but remained natural this last year and a half. Came totally off of a medication after 5 years (clonazepam). Age 30.

Upon finishing my recent taper of clonazepam my joints were absolutely KILLING me. I mean cracking and popping like I’ve never heard along with ridiculous joint pain. Also a very flat distant mood.

After I couldn’t function because of how bad the pain got I decided to go to dianabol only which I have run in cycles many times of 40mg per day, this time I was going to try to micro dose it at 2mg per day to see if it would help how bad I felt.

Sure enough within 3 days my joint pain was much lower and I really crawled out of the hole I was in very quickly. I then would just do 2mg per day 5 days on 2 days off and it was basically all well for 2 months. Workouts were great and drive was excellent. Unfortunately the joint pain began to crawl back out which led me to get a blood test.

I asked the doctor to check my e2 which came back at >5 (11.8-52.5pg/mL) and she did some arthritis testing and told me to see a rhumatologist. I told her id like to address the nonexistent e2 but she said she had no knowledge of it.

Furthermore the icing on the cake has been the insomnia, joint pain increase, ED and brain fog this week.

At this point I am looking to have my entire hormone profile tested and figure out where to go from here. Any input is appreciated.

Good idea

Low Dose Dianabol Ending in Crashed e2

Doesn’t it aromatize?

Yes it does that’s why I am at a loss here. When I ran 40mg per day during 10 week cycles I never had an issue. Granted that’s a higher dose but at the end of the day it should still be converting to some degree.

Possibly the dbol shut you down enough that the estrogen from having less testosterone and that low amount of dbol was less than you had with your normal level of testosterone.

Could it be something else? Winny maybe? I doubt it, but possible.

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You might just be right. I think what was left of my system shut down. And as far as the compound it is for sure dianabol so that I can at least rule out. But that would make sense as to why my body is going haywire.

Yep, agree. A tiny dose was enough for shutdown but not enough for replacement


I guess if my test level was let’s say 350 ng/dL naturally which is usually where it was, it must have dropped a fair amount due to a shut down so that would explain the situation. Thanks for the input it helped confirm my thoughts on it.