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Low Dose Cycle Deca, Changed Training Program

Curious how low of a dose is still effective at producing fat loss benefits and strength/ performance gains without gaining a heap of mass.
I want to try a really low dose of test e and deca with winny for about 16 weeks.

Having shoulder and other injuries deca feels and looks amazing and the results are addicting.
But for martial arts and competition purposes I don’t want to get any bigger.
Just increase my strength and endurance.

I’m 6ft and 107kg with 17% bf.
I want to get to 90kg, reduce my bf, increase my strength and increase my aerobic and anaerobic stamina.

I’ve been experimenting with my training program for a few years and am liking how I feel and progress with my current regime.

Currently consists of a mixture of strength and volume 3x a week, rotating through major muscle groups.

Eg, Day 1 is dead lifts 3x3, followed by 3-5 other pulling / lifting / carrying exercises, with 5 - 8 sets of 6 - 12 reps per exercise.

Each week varies by increasing or decreasing the weight and reps for particular exercises - as well as changing assistant exercises.

I aim to keep the beginning of workouts based around strength and the end of each workout based around callisthenics / stamina.

Day 3 would be bench 3x3, followed by the same method of 4-8 sets and 5 - 8 reps of the same or assisting muscle groups.
Beginning and finishing with the same method.

Day 5, squats 3x3, same method again.

My PB’s have all increased by about 10-15% over the last 4 months. I feel like my workouts are more quality and less quantity and i have enough time to recover properly between each group.
If im too fatigued i make the necessary adjustment.

In between days are usually boxing and karate.

Cardio is usually spread out 2-3 times a week.
Doing core first followed by 15 minutes of interval training on the treadmill, bike and rowing machine in each session.
Or a core and hiit workout.

Iv always done and enjoyed the body building / strength side of my workouts more than anything else but I think to achieve my goals I may need to reduce those sessions and swap for more cardio sessions ?

Has anyone done anything similar both cycle and exercise wise?

Any tips on increasing cardio, agility and stamina while maintaining strength would be greatly appreciated.

And would I need an ancillary while doing a lower than normal dose cycle?
I will have one available either way just in case.

If the goal is endurance and aerobic ability then EQ is a better bet than nandrolone. Be warned, it’s a tricky compound to get right. But it’s pretty much the best option for what you described.

I not long finished a cycle of eq…
Second time running it, but didn’t feel any increase in stamina or endurance and only mildy felt it the first time while running it with deca.
Changes were more visible than anything else the first time and didn’t feel or see any difference the second.
Dosage was 400mg a week both times for 11 weeks.
Crashed my e levels front loading it the second time, took about 3 days to come right lol