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Low Dose Anavar, 19 Years Old

Hey, I know I’m going to be bashed right ahead because I’m only 19, but hear me out.

I started out 16 year old, skinny fat, started working out, got skinny as fuck, and then I experimented with diets and bulking and a lot of research, especially since I got a big interest in biology. I was really fit and lean until I moved to USA for 10 months, I got really big (I played football). I also studied anatomy in school, and I got myself a NASM certification (personal trainer cert.) My problem is that I didn’t practice what I preached after football season so I got weaker and fatter, and the food was shit so even if I ate ~3500 kcal my BMR was shit. Now I’m home back in Sweden, and I’m doing way better.

So why am I doing this post? Well, there’s a trip coming up with my school, and in all honestly I want to look good and fuck chicks. The problem? I’m about 15kg overweight and don’t got the time to do a “slow and steady cut” before “party season” is over (there will be one for summer but I’m anxious). So here’s my plan, continue to work out hard and diet, need to improve on my sleep routine and drink more water though. But I’ll order some Clen, but I have no questions about that. I’ll use that when I hit a wall. I know the risks. But heres my question I need your guidance. Truth is I’m very satisfied with my size, always had an easy time to build mass, but I’m a hard gainer when it comes to strength. I’m by no means weak but relative to my size I’m not lifting as much as I should. So by the end of my cut, I’m planing on doing a 4-5 week cycle of Anavar (only) on a rather low dose (30mg ED) because of my age, proper PCT with Nolvadex for 4 weeks after. Why do I want to do AAS? I want to compensate for the loss of muscle since the end of football season, build strength (major one) and finally tone up. Another reason why I feel like I’m in the need of AAS is that I feel burned out after 2-3 sets.

I’m around 186cm tall, ~97kg as I’m writing this with an avarage bf% of 19% according to a caliper. Going to cut down naturally for another 3-4 weeks, start with some clen if I feel the need, down to ~88-86kg where I want to start a cycle of Anavar (depending on what you guys think).

I really value your opinion, and I know 99,9% of you think I’m to young, but I’m really wondering if this is “safe” and/or if I should take a different approach (regarding the AAS).

Thank you all and I hope you’re not gonna flame me to bad for asking a question I know half the answers to.

Low dose anavar does very little even with guys running other AAS along with it. AAS do not burn fat. They will not magically make you fuck chicks or look good. Dont expect to make a post like that and expect not to get flamed…

I definitely expect to get flamed. And I never said I thought Anavar was burning fat. I’ve done my reasearch. I know my reasons are stupid. I just want to know if I can expect to get out fine or absolutely fuck myself up doing a 30-40mg ED of Anavar for a month, with proper PCT. My research online is so divided between: you’ll most likely come out fine OR take 1mcg of anavar and you’re fucked for life. So that’s what I wonder. Will I be fine (or most likely) considered it’s a rather small dose with a PCT. I know what to expect to get out of it, I just don’t know the full risk and that’s what I’m trying to figure out before I weigh it toward the reward.

Again, thank you.

You don’t need steroids. You need nutrition and training.

What exactly do you mean you feel burnt out after 2-3 sets? Lol…

If you can cut down to 86kgs in 3-4 weeks you’ll be close to 10% bf if you are able to maintain your muscle mass. No one can deny that you would be better able to maintain muscle mass and shred like crazy using specific AAS to assist with a super clean diet and increased efforts in the gym

I sincerely doubt 30mgs of Anavar alone will do anything though

You’re not at the point you need AAS. You should realize you are how you are at any given moment; if you’ve been slacking in the kitchen and gym than you are that guy right now and it will reflect that way

If you bust ass the next few weeks or however long you have than you’ll be “that guy”

You really think doing a low dose Anavar cycle is going to get you laid by multiple chics?

You need to work on your intellect ('cause you’re saying some pretty stupid shit), self-confidence and personality more than anything to attract people

It is pretty sad that you would start resorting to drugs to compensate for shallow goals at such a young age. Seriously, what will be next? Cocaine because it increases your senses of self confidence and awareness

You should spend some time studying about endocrinolgy and consider the complications associated with messing with your hormone levels

Also, just get her drunk. I ALWAYZ look good when they’re drunk :wink:

Yeeeeeeee take juice fuck bitches mother fucker you got the right idea

I would flame if you made a post like this at 40 years old. Disregarding your age, an anavar-only cycle, at a low dose, is really just about the dumbest, most worthless thing you could do. There’s a strong chance you actually wouldn’t get anything out of it, at the cost of manipulating your hormones. Even if you got something out of it, at such a low dose and such a short duration, you’d lose it all in PCT. You know that there’s a legitimate risk of having to be on TRT for the rest of your life just from doing one cycle, right? It’s not a high possibility, but it happens.

Cliff notes: this is not a good idea. Don’t do it. Everyone who does one cycle should be prepared, in the worst-case scenario, to rely on the needle for the rest of their life. You’re not ready for that commitment.