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Low Dosage Test & Anavar Advice

Hello everyone.

So i really wanna get back on a gear again

This time i have considered taking a mild cycle.

Test E 250 mg ew 1-16
Anavar 20mg ed 1-8

Dose anyone have any succes with these dosage?

Been training 6,5 years have 4 cycles under belt both tried high Test cycle
Npp test
Tren test Clen
Test dbol
All with high dosage.

This time i dont want it to go high i dosage, a little higher then trt.
anavar just to add a little oral i know most will say atleast 30-40 mg ed

My goals and expectatians is not sky high, i want to add a little muscle of lost musclemass and loose fat at a accelerated speed

I stopped training for 6 month and have now been on track with gym and diet for 12 week since my gym opened again.

Yes have pct
And ai if neccesary as test dosage will be low.

I did something similar.

250 test/week
100 mast/week
25 mg anavar/day.

The test and mast are my cruise, I just added in the var for about 40 days. If you havent done mast before, you’d probably like it. Great for libido and erection quality plus it hardens you up in conjunction with the var. Plus is has some anti E properties.

Thx for reply!

I really had mast in my toughts.
But im very scared for baldness, we get bald by gentics in mid 30 in my family and i got a bad hairloss on tren and dbol :frowning:

I have not experienced any hair loss issues on mast but I know a lot of guys have talked about it.

Maybe it’s time for the shaved head and beard look! Lol

Haha been bald from 9-21 y/o then started growth hair and im pretty happy for my hair so i hope i could keep it 5 more years(to im 30)

Curious why you wouldn’t use more test if you know how you respond?
250mg shutdown vs 300-400mg shutdown should not be hugely different.

May as well get the most bang for your buck unless you are already on TRT and just want a slight bump?

As mention it just to get back in shape loosing fat and build muscle at a little accelerated speed im not interested getting back to the 100’s lean again when i am on high doses i get alot of mood swings and this will effect my relationship and as we just got a child nr. 2 i dont think mr. Pms will be optimal :wink:

I just wanted to know if those dosage will be optimal. For my goal

I am sure the other guys can advise you on dosages.
Diet and training will be the driving force of your desired outcome.
Drugs will tweak it for a specific goal, sounds like you just wanna skip through the shitty part of getting back in the gym, which is understandable but not an excellent reason :slight_smile:

As mentiod in post i been back in gym for 12 Week with diet in check.
So not a cycle to get back on track with gym just to help force on getting back to a decent shape :wink:

My wify been pregnant and with all that corona stuff i got lazy and a unstable diet in that period time this cause lost musclemass and increase in fat percentage

I started gym and diet and now im down to 12% bodyfat and 90KG

I promised myself i had to get diet and gym back on track before running cycle again and atleast down to 12% body fat.

Thats where i am now and as mentioned the low dosage it not to get crazy results its to get good results a little faster, and to avoid mood swings, side effects as it not something i want with a newborn child in life :slight_smile:

Haha damn, you got a laugh out of me!
Good luck to you and your family.

I think you could up the dose on the test a bit though. In weeks 8-… you’ll be having only slightly supraphysiological levels. But that would be fine too if you only need a slight boost. It’s definitely not doing much harm.

Good i could make you laugh :wink:

Maybe switching to 300 mg ew at 8 week
I will see how it goes.