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Low Dosage of Multiple Steroids or High Dose of One?


This is just a general question. I read on a lot of forums that on low doses of substances people still have great strength gains. So wouldn’t it be better to take multiple substances on a low dose? For example, for strength gains instead of TEST-P 350mg/week and DBOL 50mg/day, you would take TEST-P 350mg/week, 10mg/day HALO, 10mg/day DBOL, 20mg/day WINNY?


For orals not so much. Injectables absolutely. For example instead of 1g Test E you could run 350TestE, 350mg EQ, 300mg TrenE. And see nicer gains than just 1G of test. It all depends on what you want from your cycle. One oral at a time though. It would be odd to run a bunch of different orals at a low dose. You would be better off doing Dbol for 4 weeks at the beginning and winny for 4 weeks at the end