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Low cut jeans

Have you guys noticed the proliferation of the new trend in jeans–the low cut? In case some of you guys haven’t seen these, the jeans basically look like the belt loop area of the jeans have been cut off to reveal more of the hips. I never thought I would be against showing more female skin, but what can I say? I don’t like them. Most of the girls I’ve seen with them on do not look as good as when wearing a nice tight, hip-hugging pair of regular jeans. Seems like when the belt line is shifted down, it ruins the natural curve of the female hips. What do you guys think?

I like them. I like them a lot. They are very sexy. But I don’t like the jeans that actually look like the girl cut off the part of the jeans where the belt loop goes. I like the jeans that actually ride real low on the hips. They are very sexy on a girl! But there are always exceptions to the rule. Some girls wear stuff that they really shouldn’t.

hyok - agreed. those things suck.

of course, T-Vixen is wearing the low-cut shorts. although she has her rather thin, stringy, floss-like panties riding high up on her hips to keep her shape in focus. kevo

Kind of reminds me of the older '70s era bikinis, the ones that appeared on the James Bond movies. That low-slung look just isn’t appealing to me. But then again, I’m an old fart (38), and I’m sure the current teen generation thinks the same of the French cut.

I just saw the cutest girl wearing them and she looked so hot. However its just like a belly shirt if the chick doesnt have a flat stomach it looks horrible.

I think you’re crazy. Next you’ll be saying you don’t like Aerobics Instructors in spandex. :slight_smile:

I agree 100%! I love the higher cut, curve enhancing jeans of yesteryear. I also like the very high side cut bikinis… oh yeah. that type of cut accentuates the curves. the low cut jeans and bikinis just kinda look blah to me.

I’ve only seen a couple girls with them and only one I see on a regular basis. She still looks damn good in them, but then again I would lie in front of running traffic to get into her pants so its probably not good to judge the pants when she wears them.

I know what you mean with the tight hip hugging stuff. I thought it was weird at first because a lot of girls seem to look like their ass is blocky or something. Or maybe I’m nuts. but, I gotta say, I’m starting to like that look. I think it has something to do with the thong that usually sticks out.

I like them. I’ve seen quite a few women who pair a thong with the low jeans. The thong sticks out in the back - like Lita in the WWF. Looks very tantalizing to me…

It really depends on what girl is wearing them; so look fantastic, some I’d rather not see. But have any of you guys seen chick wearing big belts? I’m talking 8 inches wide! Some are so big they cover the ass! These belts suck.

Hmmmm…thongs sticking out, eh? I might have to give it a second look. Well, I attend an MBA school, so they tend not to wear really risque stuff, but I remember being at a bar one time where the girl was wearing a high-cut one piece bikini and she was wearing a pair of jeans–not low-cut mind you. But you could see her bare hips from the side and…it makes you think of where it leads–very erotic. I think what happens when most girls wear a lo-cut jean is that the belt line is too tight and it causes a break in the smooth curve of the hips. If the girl was leaner, or if the belt line wasn’t so tight, it might not look so bad.

I love them! A girl I met last night was wearing a pair. It shows more stomach, and if they have a hot stomach(and if you appreciate hot stomachs) they make the girl look 100 times sexier! Well, in my opinion anyway. :wink:

women look like fat whores in them (even if they have a good body). most women that wear those kind of jeans have untrained asses with a bad hip/waist ratio. the cut only accetuates that terrible look.

I tell you guys…I haven’t seen many women look great in these things EXCEPT Britney Spears (who has been voted two years in a row as a “T-Vixen”, thank you very much…) …and she can wear them while dancing and gyrating on stage, without missing a beat!(Have you guys seen her do that rapid “belly dancer” hip movement thing she can do?..I digress…)

Well Brittney…I’m CERTAINLY “A Slave 4 U!”

Sure, she’s got a nice bod. But, have you seen her without makeup? Yuck! Some girl showed me some photo’s when we were arguing over the whole “Hot or not” issue concerning Britney. I decided, NOT after seeing the Britney without the pounds of makeup. Once again, YUCK!

actually fellas believe it or not, a guy, rock star Lenny Kravitz, was the first to do this about 3 years ago…then maria carrey and now every chik…they look cool, especially if on the right girl…

Man, I work at abercrombie, and all of the girls wear them, My testosterone is freaking going off the charts

Oh I don’t know, I’m getting used to seeing thongs (no fat girls). I never knew so many girls wore the them.

Very few women can pull that look off…last week I was in Vegas and every third woman had those on. Even most of the ones with (really) good bodies just didn’t look right. As for the rest - let’s just say any outfit that involves a bare midriff requires that there not be a roll of fat over the top of the jeans, no matter what kind of jeans she’s wearing. I got my ab workout in laughing at one…let’s say “gravity-challenged”…30ish woman walking along in some hip-huggers and a halter top with her arm around a guy I’d guess was 6’3" or so, weighing maybe a buck-thirty, and wearing capri pants. Guys shouldn’t wear capri pants. It’s just plain wrong…I’m sure somewhere on the lost tablet of the Fifteen Commandments there was something along the lines of “and men shall not wear capri pants, nor shall they wear baggy pants with foolish prints on them, for these things maketh them look like dorks in My sight.” Here endeth the rant.