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Low current BF-measurer

I recently purchased an one of these devices, but the readings are fluctating from 11 to 13, depending on time of day and how much Ive been drinking. I realize I should follow the difference from week to week, at constant circumstances, but Im also really curious to when the readings are most reliable. Is it in the morning before breakfeast? Ive noticed that after a carb-up day (Im on T-Dawg) my supposed BF-percent is especially high.

SquatMan, that’s the problem with most machines is that your state of hydration can determine what the readings say, as you are finding out after your carb-ups.

My guess is that first thing in the morning is the ideal time, but the main thing is to be consistent and do it at the same time every week and under the same circumstances.

You may want to consider calipers such as SlimGuide, Fat Track or AccuMeasure. These aren’t perfect either but you’ll get much more consistency in my opinion. Hope that helps!

I’ve got one of those things too, you’ll find that the hand held ones vary substantially less than the scale versions. Perhaps this has to do with fluid accumulation in the bladder? Anyway, you should use it first thing in the morning in a fasted state after going to the bathroom.

The validity on these isn’t great but it’s about the same as the calipers (especially in an inexperienced person) the reliability however is good provided you follow the same preliminary instructions each time. If you always do it first thing in the morning it will be fairly accurate for measuring changes.

The big issue with calipers (well one. . .) is that it takes about 1000 body comps before you’re truly consistant and comfortable with them. If you’re trying to do this on yourself it gets much, much worse.

If I were you I would stick to the bioelectrical impedance device for now, just be consistant.