Low Ceiling - Garage Gym

I have a low ceiling in my garage gym where I just bought a power rack. The ceiling height does not allow me to do standing overhead press. What alternative do I have? Kneeling overhead press? Or Z press which is sitting on but with legs straight out.

You could just take the barbell outside and clean it for your pressing work. Most people find cleaning their strict pressing poundages very manageable.

Is the ceiling so low that you couldn’t even use 25lb plates? If so, I would just do seated press from the power rack on a flat bench.

  1. Put the rack in a different place in the garage.
  2. Press outside - this has been done countless times.
  3. Press with smaller plates - very simple solution to your problem.

Just don’t change the movement.

same problem here , I take it outside when nice, when inside I press from my knees, if I ever do them seated which is not to often use 10’s and 5’s, and like Jim said move rack, put mine where the plates are between rafters can go up to 35’s when seated, but I really do prefer to press from my knees when inside.