Low carbs

Could people help me out with a list of their favorite low carb foods. I love chicken, What do you like?

Here’s a few of mine:
1.5 scoops whey protein, 5 tbsp. heavy cream and a packet of Splenda-like pudding
4 slices melted string cheese
Scrambled eggs w. onions/peppers
Grilled salmon
Eye of round steak
Atkins Cappucino shakes
Atkins Choc. Coconut Advantage bars
Sugar-free jello w. whipped cream (small amt)
Pink Lemonade Crystal Light

Fresh, grilled salmon-hands down.

Eggs, meat and cheese are the staples. Mix up your meat for variety- chicken, beef, fish, turkey, even some pork. Use salsa and worchester sauce for added taste. Sugar free Jello comes in real handy on a low carb diet. Be careful with those low carb bars and powders that Atkins puts out. Lots of soy is added usually. Read TC’s ‘Bad Protein’ article.

As a rule, I attempt to avoid pontification. If a person needs persuaded, the BEST way to TURN THEM OFF is through the use of pretentious definitions. Mental masturbation is fun, has its time and place, and can be enjoyed by all. A concept like, ‘tone’, however, is easily explained without jargon.

boiled ice cubes are delicious.very low in calories.