Low Carbs Post Op?

Hey guys,

I get surgery tomorrow on my right labrum. The doc said that recovery time shouldnt be more than a few weeks I believe.

Would being low carb post op drastically decrease my bodies ability to recover? I am extrememly carb sensitive and have the ability to put on fat even with low carb diet while working out. But I’m worried that with all the lazing around that I’m going to be doing, that I might accumulate a bit of unwanted bf.

Any ideas?

As long as the painkillers, don’t make me too drowsy or if I don’t really need to take them, this could be a good oppurunity to work on some cardio/GPP and leg work. Right about now, I’m pretty pissed at my gym for getting rid of the belt squat machine…that’d be sweet right now.

I just had ankle surgery and I had carbs in the morning for breakfast and then P+F later.

Lots of good fats and protein will help you heal. I don’t think you need excessive carbs. However, make sure you keep getting enough energy…you don’t want to lose any weight…that will impede recovery. Your body will need extra calories to repair your tissues.

Good luck!!

I’m no medical expert, but that just seems like a bad idea. Heck, just call it a mini-bulk. It would suck if your body wasn’t able to fight off an infection or something wasn’t able to fully heal because you were too focused on body comp.
Good luck with your surgery and recovery.