Low Carbs Or Zero Carbs?

Hello Chris, TC and fellow T-Maggots,

OK, perhaps that isn’t exactly a term of endearment…

This is an Anabolic Diet related question!

In Bodyopus, Dan Duchaine was always very emphatic that you must enter ketosis to elicit a protein sparing effect, and to also potentiate the rebound effect from the weekend carb-fest.

On the other hand, also under the guise of minimizing catabolism, Dr D has stressed the importance of avoiding ketosis Monday - Friday by eating a small amount of carbs.

Holy contradictory view-points, Batman! OK guys- who exactly is right? Or, does it really matter? Am I getting to obsessed with the finite details? Did I mention I am one anal retentive bastard? I must confess, I find the idea of absolute ketosis a little unappealing. Then again, if you’re going to follow a diet, you might as well go all the way.

Please elaborate guys- and thanks again for the wonderful site!


I’m just relating my own experiences, but when doing the Body Opus version I lost LBM. Yes I was in ketosis (the sticks turned a good shade of purple). I got into ketosis early (late 2nd day of no carbs) and stayed there. Also lifting sucked (had to drop weight) while following Body Opus. Just the opposite with Dr. P’s version. Not losing LBM, lifts are great (lbs increasing). Doing about 30 carbs a day. Also the weekend carb-up is different. I beleive Body Opus said to limit fat intake, an the Anabolic Diet isn’t so restrictive on fat. Good Luck!

The thing is with ketosis is that to enter into it you need to make a drastic reduction in carbs but not eliminate them completely, that would be really tough. You should be down around 20-25 grams a day if you ask me (although you have to find out for yourself). And try to get the fat to protein ratio up as in DiPasquale’s diet, that is the hardest part in my opinion, to get more fat than protein, I tried Udo’s choice to get some quality fats in my diet. I dont’ use them regularly but only when I decide to go ketogenic.

I just got the Metabolic Diet book (the new version of the Anabolic Diet) and Dr. DiPasquale has promised me an interview. So I’ll pass your question on to him, how’s that?