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Low Carbs = Low Libido?

So every time I go low carb my libido drops. If I stay on a low carb diet, or say, tough out the first 12 days of the anabolic diet and stick with it, will my libido take off again?

Any one with experiences to share?

Ive had that before but the body usually has adapted.

Some people discover it increases it.

I’m on the Velocity Diet right now, and sex isnt even on the mind…

Its awful…I think I was hornier when I was 5

Wonder if Alpha Male will help

I’ve noticed this before going with Reduced Carb diet. I just don’t seem to work well with them. Try increasing your fat intake.


I’ve also had drop in sex drive with low carbs when eating high protein and smaller amounts of ‘good’ fats.

However, I’ve been on the anabolic diet and eating low carbs with high fat has actually shot my sex drive through the roof.

In the past Alpha Male with low carbs lower fat didn’t even help.

You can check out the ad thread over here. I’m very surprised by the diet and I have to say low carb and low cal have always hurt my drive but now I’m getting lean and still have the fire.