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Low Carbs? Is it for Everyone?

Does the low carb thing just not work for some of you? I did low carbs ( Body Opus, Keto…) in the past and found that when I switched to a more balanced macronutrient ratio ( actually a 40c/30p/30f ) I had much better results with performance and fat loss.

Out of curiosity I have been giving the Anabolic Diet a run for about a month and a half and have been steadily gaining bodyfat. I started off pretty lean , around 8% bf and decided to experiment with the AD just for the hell of it, so it’s easy to see the BF creeping on.

My strength has stayed up , but my endurance and intensity has definitely dropped. i don’t have a ton of fat to lose, I mainly just like to try things and see what works best for me, but everything I see and read about fat loss always points to dropping carbs.

Do some of you experience greater fat loss with carbs in your diet? I’m not talking bowls of rice and pasta everyday, but some fruit and oatmeal and things like that.

Despite what anyone tells you, there’s no one diet that works equally well for everyone.

Some do well on low carbs, others moderate carb, and some high carb.

Don’t fall prey to the mistake of assuming that just b/c a program works for one person that it will work for you.

Restricting carbs for too long is generally regarded as a bad idea. And some people should almost never go low-carb. Good on you for trying out different things and figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

I always cycle carbs. I definitely reduce them when I’m cutting but my workout days are never “low-carb”. I do have to force myself to stay active though.

Low carbs are probably the best way to drop pounds fast, starting from above 13-15% bodyfat. Some say no carbs and all fat/protien is a good way to stay lean, but when I get lean enough I usualy switch to a 40/40/20 to stay lean while gaining.