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Low-carbs and maximal weights

Hey, Teddy, just a quick one for you (or a couple). Thanks for the five-o on the vinpocetine…mood/focus enhancers are definitely something that I like to use. As far as the ephedrine, do you suggest different dosages between the hcl and the extracts? I guess I’m asking, which one was more potent for you. All this talk about post-workout nutrition and still very little about PRE-workout. I was just wondering about how many calories you usually take in before training and about how long before? I’m really ritualistic about my “pre-game” meal. I know you said you tried the Ultimate Workout breakfast and said it worked for you. Thanks, Teddy. Just tell me to shut the hell up if I’m buggin’ ya, bro. Hit 'em hard tomorrow, buddy.

timbo,its 411 not five-0. five-0 is the cops. 411 is info. with that nickname i would hope you could tell me who said “timbo’s on the toes , i like the way its goin down,” or how bout “wore my timberland boots so i could stomp the ticks”, hint- dmx doesnt hold a candle to either group

Teddy aren’t you like 150lbs and your saying you do better on the low carb approach. WRONG. Carbs will give you a better hormonal environment, ie, tesosterone, gh, insulin , igf etc. I’m not saying eat like shit. encorportating some yams,oats, and postworkout carbs will blow away any low carb diet. You see your body is just turning that protein into glucose anyway, and it is metabolically costly!

thegame…I must sound pretty damn dumb on these threads, huh, bro. I knew that sounded wrong…but no, I can’t name the two groups that you mentioned. Help me out, baby! (I’m obviously in need of quite a bit of help in social scene) Thanks for watchin’ out for me, t-dawg. You better keep your eye on me. Later

Got the timboes on the toe…q tip …w/the beastie boys on get it together. The other one sounds like a tip line too…i wanna say wu tang for some reason tho

Once again, I appreciate the feedback. Husker, you keep referring to the fact that I am only “like 150” (actually 160 but who’s counting-oh wait, you are). While I have never challenged for the Mr. Olympia at any time, I have been bigger than my buck fifty weight. I did the higher carb thing before, and you know what, I did gain lots of muscle and strength, but you know what else? I gained a lot of FAT along with it. And I wasn’t eating crap either-just lots of zone-based meals w. slightly higher carbs. Yes, I know fat gain is part of the game when bulking so save the speech about that. But I also gauge performance as a measure of progress and I get sick of being sluggish at various times of the day w. normal carb intake and sometimes being too tired to go to the gym. I do use low-glycemic carbs too so this isn’t the problem. But hey, guess what? With a higher protein/lower carb intake, I don’t have this problem. I really wish some of you would get rid of this “one size fits all” thinking approach to diet/training. I’m not saying I’m always going to use this approach, but for what I’m doing right now it’s working for me. If it wasn’t working, believe me I would scrap it, but so far so good. So again, I appreciate your feedback, but don’t be so worried about what I am doing. After all, I’m not coming to you for advice, am I?

it is q-tip but the exact line is from “oh my god” even though he says the line you quoted in the beasties song, and “wore my timberland boots so i could stomp the ticks…” is from “sometimes i ryhme slow sometimes i rhyme quick” by nice n smooth. later

Just finished arm workout for Maximal Weights. I still haven’t gotten my power rack and adjustable bench up to my new place so I had to utilize my two Swiss balls in place. All I can say is, “Wow!” For those of you who want to get a home gym but don’t have a big bankroll, Swiss balls are godsends. I used antagonistic supersets, the first being seated dumbbell curls and close-grip dumbbell presses, then scott reverse curls and lying dumbbell extensions (wanted to do dips but didn’t want to drive 90 miles for one exercise). Arms are pumped beyond belief! Also added a couple sets of external rotator exercises. I have to say for being on less than 100 g. of carbs daily (Husker) my workouts are unbelievable so far. Thus ends my first five day cycle, and you know what tomorrow is-CAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRBS! I probably won’t keep doing these daily updates since it’s probably boring the hell out of most of you but I will post stats at the end of each 5-day cycle.
Teddy KGB
“All I wanted was a Pepsi, and she wouldn’t give it to me.”

Bonus points to anyone who catches my reference-this one's pretty easy. Hint: great song for Maximal Weight workout.

Teddy, I think you’ve got more Poliquin in ya than you know. Mr. Swiss Balzak/Low-Carb. Just messin, buddy…man, I know that jingle…just can’t put a name with a face. I’m gonna kick myself when I find out. Actually I like to see your posts on progress and how the training/diet are going for you…I’m about ready to hit the gym now. Today’s Back and Bi’s. I’m ready to trash 'em. BTW, Teddy, I know you’re confident in your methods and all, but I just wanted to back ya for putting up with some the crap that you are. Props to ya, bud. It takes a lotta T to go against the norm. Alright, baby, I’m gonna pound 'em. Teddy, you might have missed one of my last posts about pre-workout intake in the midst of some other criticism. Later.

Timbo, I don’t really have a set pre-workout meal as it depends on my diet and training, but on my last diet I tried to give myself approx. 2 hrs. between pre-workout meal and actual workout. It also depended on whether I was at work or at home, but I had been doing an Atkins shake w. flax oil (I don’t buy in to all that “soy is evil” stuff, especially since Atkins had a blend of different proteins and soy was in the least amount), or if I was home I’d do salmon or whatever I was in the mood for. Then I would take my EC about 1/2 hr. before crunch time. Right now since I’m in my experimental mass phase I’m using Poliquin’s Ultimate Workout meal when I lift in the am, otherwise it is something similar maybe just different protein sources. On previous bulk phases I was kind of partial to either a couple of pb and J’s w. low sugar preserves on whole-grain bread w. a glass of milk, or another fave-1 or 2 serv. of pearled barley w. meat and spaghetti sauce. The barley is very low glycemic and can be used instead of spaghetti. I don’t know that it matters too much as long as you keep it relatively low-glycemic and don’t go overboard w. cals. I couldn’t do this since I’m very carb-sensitive and get really sleepy if I consume too many or the wrong types.

Thanks for the story, Teddy. I’ve tried lots of different combos. I’ve tried the Ultimate Workout pre-game meal, higher carb intakes, pretty much everything. I like to keep it relatively small and light though, as I try to only allow an hour to an hour and a half before going at it. I made the mistake of trying to eat for my activity level over the summer…lots of beans, apples and chicken–just left me bloated. Had tons of energy but felt like a blob. Needless to say that was short-lived. Right now I’m doing about a cup and a half of cottage cheese and a couple tablespoons of natural pb (I love that stuff-scared me when the earlier post about it being estrogenic came up). Sometimes I’ll do some yogurt. You’re right on about low-glycemic carbs. Well, had a great training session today…and I can’t seem to suppress the appetite tonite. Need to hook up to an IV. Hope you tear up the kitchen tomorrow, big dawg. Enjoy the carb-up and think HUGE! Once again, I appreciate the input. (What’s the song?)

teddy, thats way too easy-limp biz, and its actually “all i wanted was a pepsi, just one pepsi…” if you wanna play, remember i am the game, i agree its a great workout song though, and good luck with your max weights program

teddy, for your info I am currently 220lbs at 5’8" 12%Bf when I diet I’m 200 under 8% never taken a steroid.

I knew that would trick some people. Acually the original song was “Institutionalized” by Suicidal Tendencies. Limp Bizkit was just paying homage to them. Husker, congrats on the awesome stats, but does this go under the category of “I’m bigger than you so I must be right?” Does this mean than you are smarter than Dan Duchaine since he wasn’t a mass monster? Or some of the staff at T-Mag for that matter? Michael Colgan? Will Brink?

still i get them tendencies bringin back the meories taht i really miss when i reminisce rockin back in the 80’s LIVE! my attitude to do or die…once i went from maggott now i’m just super fly …damn good song StucK!

Teddy, you must live on this website because your all over it! I don’t fall into the catagory of bigger guys are better or smarter> When a small guy puts on muscle I find that more impressive than when a monster gains muscle. I just was hoping to convince you that low carbs don’t put on that great muscle, Ive use low carb bev intl type diet for contest etc! Yeah I can put on mucle with them but I feel so anabolic with carbs! About the tired thing when u introduce them it takes a couple of weeks for your body to get used to them again(for homeostasis to take place etc) then you will find that you won’t have those sugar crashes.The only way I would be able to put on alott of muscle on a low carb diet would be using supplements, Beverly Intl mass, aminos, and liver + tribex, methoxy 7, lots of steak, and glutamine/branched chains during my workout! Thats the only way I get the anabolic effects of carbs! good luck,

Well lately it seems like I do live on this website, but I just moved from a town of 40,000 to one w. 4,000 and no fitness center so I need something to do. Plus I happen to enjoy conversing on here. Okay Husker, I didn’t mean to get so defensive. I definitely agree that MOST will do much better w. a mass gaining approach w. a higher carb intake. I need to clarify that I don’t jump right into high carbs after a keto phase. I have crappy insulin sensitivity and I can even remember back in the high school days (good lord, has it really been 10 years???) always being tired after carb meals. My main reason for trying what I am now is that I have a tendency to overfeed when I am on a carb-based plan. The best gains I ever got came from a 4,000+ cal. diet combined w. Bill Starr’s heavy/light/med. approach. The problem was the fat gain that accompanied it. Yes, you’re always gonna gain some no matter how careful you are but when you go from 8% to 14% in a matter of 10 weeks is too fast. Overfeeding protein has the least negative consequences compared to overfeeding carbs/fat, plus it helps keep my appetite at bay. Refer to the Protein Roundtable article for this very topic, I think it was Lonnie Lowery that was talking about it. Also, this is only temporary. My maximal weights phase is only 3 weeks, then I’m going to GVT2000 and a zone-based approach, really upping the carbs/protein post-workout. I’m also not exactly on zero carbs, either-I consume 2 large salads a day, unlimited green veggies mostly from broccoli, and a low-glycemic fruit w. most meals so on training days I’m actually closer to 50-60 g./day. Still low for a mass approach but right now I’m mainly concerned w. upping my poundages so I can use heavier weight for GVT. And it really is working so far so "if it ain’t broke, I won’t fix it. Thanks for the feedback-I’m sure I’ll be talking to you more on here.

Hey Husker, you mentioned that you compete. I assume you’re also from NE w. your name. Any chance you’ll be doing the Heartland Classic in May? I’ll be up there but not competing, unless I get brave by then and do the novice division. If you’re as big as you say you are you’ll be a force to be reckoned with. The best I’ve seen from here is Lamont Gilchrist-that guy is awesome. What a set of wheels!

Teddy, what’s up, pal. Are you enjoying your carb-up? I was wondering the same thing about Husker–if he was your neighbor. Damn, I dream of being a monster like that. Husker, if you catch this, props to ya for your accomplishments. Teddy, I noticed you said you were entertaining the notion of competing. That’s definitely one of my goals. Have you ever been in a contest before? I was just wondering about the process. Since I’m pretty much in the Zone right now and it appears that you’ll be using it for GVT, I was wondering what you will do for post-workout nutrition. I was doing pretty much a Poliquin post-workout cocktail there for a while (basing carbs on number of reps; and a serving of GROW and some whey isolate). But I’ve been trying out the ratios that Dr. Berardi has been giving us in the articles using what I’ve got here–not ready to shell out the dough yet cause I know won’t hold a candle to the real deal. But doing around 200+ reps/workout, I don’t think that’s ideal for me. Plus I’m ready to grub about an hour later. I don’t mind the appetite, but I don’t think I need to be eating whole meals like every hour. About the overfeeding on protein…it was Dr. Lowery who mentioned that. I read the same thing and feel the same way. He also mentioned that there are currently no studies indicating that high protein diets lead to kidney damage/disease. I see protein as a very useful nutrient. It can be used for a plethora of different physiological processes before it’s converted to bodyfat; whereas excess carbs and fat pretty much are tagged for adipose tissue.

Husker…you’re a beast, baby! I mean that with all respect and T-brotherly love. Knowing that there are accomplished, drug-free athletes like yourself out there contribute to the fuel for the engine that pushes this paltry 6’, 157 lb, 6% body each and every day, exercise, set, rep, meal and everything else. Hey, I was just interested in what you found to be the best diet or ratios of nutrients for putting on mass. I know you mentioned the anabolic properties of carbs, but I was just curious as to the ratios and also how you go about your mass phases. I appreciate the input, big dawg.