Low carbing. How do you possibly get your fibre

Ok if you are low carbing it how do you possibly get enough fiber of all the different kinds? As John B points out you should get 40 g of a mix of the 3 types of fiber how is that possible if you are on a 50 g a day carb diet? Low carbs or Keto diets appear to be unhealthy in the long run if this is what can be expected in the lines of fiber. It has been proven with many studies that fiber is a necessity to good health especially with regard to the colon. As such, the diet proposed by Don Alessi would be very unhealthy in the long term. Also these diets are not condusive to consumption of fruits and veggies either. How can they be healthy in the long run when studies have shown that Eating 4-5 servings of vegetables and fruits a day are healthy for heart, digestive tract, and immune systems.

This was discussed in another thread just yesterday.

The previous thread didn’t discuss the different types of fiber and the recommendations of John B. But I responded to that one as well.