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Low-Carb Yogurt & Cottage Cheese

Okay, I was wondering if it is okay to have things like cottage cheese and low carb yogurt as part of a P+F meal? Both have pretty high insulin responses even though they don’t have a ton of carbs. Would you just limit them to like only 1/3 c. cottage cheese? That would be 7g. carbs, but even that has an unexpectedly high insulin response. (I learned that from my diabetic friend)

Why don’t you just get fat free cottage cheese?

And what is this about cottage cheese having a high insulin response?

I do use fat free cottage cheese, but people often suggest it as a good before bed snack along with some healthy fats like nuts or fish oil. However, if it increases insulin then should it not be combined with fats just like any other carb source?

Even if it does,take some fish or flaxseed oil and fiber with it.3-5 grams of soluble fiber can reduce the GI index of foods by up to 50%. I usually eat a cup of cottage cheese with soem flaxseed oil and fiber(apple or fiber supplement).
Hope this helps,Poe.

Thanks. Where do you get fiber supps? I assume you can get them in regular stores? What do you use?