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Low-Carb with High or Low protien

OK, here’s a question - I’m planning on the T-dawg diet, but I’m seeing alot of posts with low-carb/high protien (by high protien I believe higher then 1.5 gms/lb). I think for me, a high protein/low carb diet teaches my body to use the dietary protein as energy, and I becomming more catabolic. But this is only based on a few times that I’ve really lowered my carbs alot.

So, what are everyone elses experiences with either low carb/high protein/moderate fat or low carb/moderate protein (<1gm/lb)/high fat diets (aka T-dawg)?


Are you using T-dawg for cutting or for mass? If you’re cutting, don’t do the high-protein. Excess protein converts to glucose which will impair ketosis/fat loss, although you don’t necessarily have to be in ketosis to get benefit. You would be better off and would preserve more lean mass, not to mention better energy, if you concentrated on a higher fat intake instead of protein such as flax, Udo’s, fish, etc. The easy way to do it is to figure your total calories, subtract your protein using approx. .9-1 g/lb of bodyweight, subtract 30 or so carb cals (or 70 if you’re talking T-dawg and workout days), then get the rest from fat. This should work nicely. I am experimenting w. higher protein intake (2g/lb) but I am going for mass and using a high-intensity program (Max. Weights) so I am not concerned w. ketosis/fat loss and whatnot, then I will be switching over to GVT2K and a Zone approach to carbs/pro/fat. I’ve worried about fat loss enough the past 4 months.

Hey Teddy! Thanks for the input. This is what I was thinking myself, but it’s good to get it from somebody else too (what’s your background in?). This is for the lean-out cycle that I talked about responding to one of yours/Timbo’s posts. I’ve bulked a bit for the winter (+14 lbs or so total BW), but now it’s time to shed the excess water and fat for the big trip back to visit the family in NY. Steve

Well you may be disappointed to know that I have no real “background,” Steve. I’m just a bookworm who loves the iron game and loves to research. I’ve got one of the largest collections of training/diet books/mags you’ll ever find. If I recall correctly though the late Dan Duchaine had no degree in anything other than theater though, not that I’m comparing myself to him. He’s forgotten more about nutrition/diet than I’ll ever know. I do plan on getting my training certification-in fact, I just ordered my ISSA course materials last week, and I’m going to try and start a fitness center in the town I just moved to since they don’t have one and that’s what I always wanted to do.