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Low Carb w/ Fruit to Lose BF

When you low carb to lose body fat how much fruit do you consume? Are you mainly eating veggies etc?

I’m 6’3" 250. Trying to get to 205-210 by June 2nd. I’ve already adjusted my last night eating and portion sizes which were my biggest problems. I’d like to vary my carbs from low to moderate on a 7 day cycle, Just wondering the amount of fruits I should place in this system?

Thanks for the tips.

on my low carb days < 70g
I’d have an orange and a cup of mixed berries for breakfast. The rest of my carbs came from veggies and maybe 1 scoop of Surge post workout.

Depends on the fruit. Grapefruit, berries (sm. amounts), apples and such are generally OK for low carb, especially in the morning and post workout. I would avoid bananas, watermelon, grapes, etc. Check out the sugars and fiber content of several fruits on those food nutrition websites to get an idea which ones are OK.

I wouldn’t overthink this too much though. Unless you’re stuffing an entire bunch of bananas into your protein shakes it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. If you have your portion control down, that’s half the battle.

40 lbs in 6 months is a very doable goal if you can maintain a consistent diet and exercise regime. This site is a great resource for both information and motivation. Welcome aboard and good luck!

Very doable and the best thing is that you have a specific goal and time period. Trust me having lost weight both ways it helps tremendously to have specific goals. Read up the t-dawg diet and read about nutrient timing. (use the search function on this site) This should help you achieve your goals.

A plan such as the t-dawg will help you make great improvements, you’ll be surprised how fast the fat will fall off you. Welcome and good luck!

I used to have 1-2 servings of fruit/day however I have switched over to none at all once my fat loss slowed to a crawl. I typically shoot for 100g NET of carbs or less with 80% coming from green veggies(usually broccoli and spinach)to keep me full all day.

Of course lifting days have Surge added which I wouldn’t want to lift without. I would say timing is probably more important as first thing in the morning and right after a workout would be the best time if you have any at all.


I wouldn’t have any at all…

I know that sucks :frowning:

I miss my fruit terribly on low-carb diets.

I guess you can eat some, either in the morning or post-workout but it’s only going to slow your progress in terms of fat-loss. Just stick to green, fibrous veggies if your goal is fat loss for the best results.

Mmmm, yummy broccoli and spinach!!! :wink:

An apple in the morning or after a workout is definitely not going to hurt you. Maybe try carb cycling so you can have them towards the end of the week.

Also I wouldn’t count the carbs from green veggies towards your totals becaues most of the grams of carbs are fiber and they have no calories associated with them.

[quote]tykraus7 wrote:

Also I wouldn’t count the carbs from green veggies towards your totals becaues most of the grams of carbs are fiber and they have no calories associated with them.[/quote]

Most people feel this way about green veggies but a lot of them are only about 50% fiber from the total carbs. Broccoli for example is about 2g carbs/oz and about .7g fiber which I would count as 1.3g of carbs. It’s probably not a big deal but it depends on how obsessive you want/need to be about your diet.

For 40lbs in 6 months I’d try and be as accurate as possible at the beginning and relax a little if your ahead of your goals. Then again I’m probably more obsessive about diet than most since I was in your situation a year ago. Good luck and stick with it!