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Low-Carb vs Classic Grow!


Pretty much every comment I read regarding Grow! now refers to Low-Carb - it appears almost no one still uses classic Grow!.

Aside from the obvious difference (ie carbs) are there any reasons Low-Carb Grow! appears to have superceded classic grow?

Is the micellar casein significantly superior?

I prefer the taste of classic Grow!. It's also a lot cheaper to buy. Having almost finished the V-Diet I'm starting to get sick of Low-Carb Grow! too.

Obviously I'll stick with Low-Carb Grow! for a pre bed shake, but when it comes to AM meals, I basically want to make sure I'm not short changing myself if I opt for classic Grow! instead of Low-Carb Grow!.


Actually, its about the same price. It takes 3scoops of Classic to get your 40g protein. Only 2 scoops for Low-Carb Grow!. Low-Carb Grow! = 2lb, (except for the fruit flavors) and Classic Grow! = 3 lbs I think. That's what I'm paying for anyway is the protein. Carbs are always pretty cheap to buy.

I'm wondering, but I'm thinking that the carbs in Classic are not that slow digesting. Not sure though.

Anyway I still go through about 1 tub of Classic every 1-2 months.


Sure Classic Grow! is great.

Most myself included just Opt for Low-Carb Grow! and add carbs or fats when needed if haveing two diff. ones is cool with you and you like it better go for it. It is and always will be quality protein. A fast easy way to get a nice whack of aminos and carbs to pack on some mass.

Yes breakfast, early day, and around w/o's after Surge it would fit GREAT.

Thats My Take,


Never used regular Grow! but I don't think if says anything about Micellar casein.