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Low Carb Vodka


Hello all,Let me be the first to say that this stuff sucks!! I like vokda usually drink Stoli straight up on the rocks so i decided to pick up this Low carb stuff to give it a try.The bottle says that it is smooth,and it is the opposite of smooth,plus it tastes like kerosene or somthing...anyway avoid this like the plague...


OMG! Low carb vodka. Marketing has stooped to a new low point.

Most of the calories come from the alcohol, don't they? I'm a Grey Goose man myself, with a twist please.


NOthing but the goose to get me lose.


I thought straight liquor doesn't have any carbs? And according to http://www2.potsdam.edu/alcohol-info/AlcoholCaloriesAndWeight.html doesn't cause weight gain anyways.


Bellvedere in the rear.....


absolute mandrin with diet tonic or diet 7up. if drinking straight, chopin or vox chilled.


in?Mdog how is that Chopin?


grey goose on the rocks baby!!!!!!!!!!!



If that link is goofy, here's the breakdown for a jigger (60mL) of Vodka (40%) alcohol.

Calories: 122 cals
Fats: 0g
Carbs: 0g
Protein: 0g
Fiber: 0g
Sugars: 0g
Cholesterol: 0mg
Sodium: 6mg
Alcohol: 17.4g

Seems that putting LOW CARB on a bottle of Vodka is about as lame as putting FAT FREE on a label for sugar.


Absolut Kurrant w/ Cherry whiskey
"Black Martini"


To me...if you are going to drink...then drink the best! Drink what you like. Low carb drinks...man...that's like eating low carb cheesecake if you are going to cheat!


I don't get how they make low carb vodka either. I was under the same impression as Brent about the breakdown. I don't worry about the calories anyway because I never gain weight from booze even when I drink like a fish(which is frequent). And when I do a keto diet it's grey goose with a splash of club, and I still piss purple on the keto sticks no matter how many I drink.


Yeah this is someone else jumping on the Low Carb band wagon.

Bump for Grey Goose! :wink:


i just have to put in my vote for tanqueray sterling. it's really smooth and it costs about $10 less than grey goose.

not that i don't like grey goose...


there is a q and a on this somewhere on this mag. basically it says that a shot of vodka only contains about 60 calories and minimal carbs. its all about absolute and diet 7.


I agree, the calories come from the alcohol at 7 per gram.

And Chopin, is that the potato vodka? If so, it is very good served chilled.


alcohol is sugar.....sugar is carbs


hence the term "beer belly"

beer is pure carbs


Alcohol is NOT sugar.

I think you are confusing sugar alcohols with alcohol. They are not the same.


You could just about count the calories in the vodka as carbs.