Low Carb Transition to Anabolic Diet

I have read, over the course of the last week, as much as i could of the old threads and now this. Great stuff - really great. Thanks all. An amazing source of wisdom. Am a total convert and on day 6 of initial phase and l-o-v-i-n-g it.

Like others, I was very tempted to go straight for 5/2… but my Martian will and determination has won out and I will go for full 12.

However - I am curious:

I’ve been low carb for, like, 10 years now… skitterring (heh-heh) between Atkins, South Beach and most recently the Slow Carb Four hour Body Diet… (high protein, complex carbs low-er fat and a treat day…) My biggest weakness: (I am Scottish) the daily 2 glasses of red wine allowed on the 4 Hour became more like… well… as I said, I am Scottish… and fat crept back on me. Now on the Anobolic, the wine… of course… is banish-ed… and long live my liver…

My Question -

Will my body - despite the wine - having been low carb for 10 years - already have adjusted to this way of working to make this a smoother transition? Or will the use of complex carbs on the 4 Hour Body plus regular quaffs of the red stuff have kept my body in a limbo like state of being… as I suspect?

It won’t change my plan - I am now committed to the 12 days …but I wonder if anyone has asked about this before or knows?