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Low Carb Soup?

Hey t-folks! I don’t know about you guys, but I just can’t hunker down on salad when it’s freezing outside. During the summer, salads provide most my ruffage/veggies and I eat at least two or three a day. But during the winter, they just don’t appetize me. However, as I still need the veggies and am planning on starting T-Dawg, does anybody have any good, low carb soup recipes? or maybe a specific type of canned soup that they know is low carb? 2 cups of clam chowder has around 25g and 2 cups of Goya black bean soup has close to 60g (but half of that is supposed to be fiber). Any ideas?

Soups are great, but you have to watch out if you are going to use them to substitute for your veggie intake, as most of the antioxidants and vitamins will be destroyed via the cooking process and constant reheating of the soup for different meals. You would be ok with the minerals because they won’t be destroyed via the cooking process they will simply leak into the liquid and stay there. But overall soup would be a bad idea for you to get all of your veggies from. As far as soups go make a vegetable beef, chili, minestrone, or beef barley with veggies added.

two cans of chicken broth. Two stalks of celery. Head of cabbage, lettuce or other greens. Simmer till soft. Add salt and pepper. Harldly any carbs. Lots of fiber. Not much else. At least for me, more satisfying then egg whites.

menudo without hominy by juanita’s foods.
20p,1c,and 9f

My mother taught me never to waste any food. When I trim the fat off my meat (mostly steak) I put the fat and what little meat is on it in water and boil it to make broth. It’s certainly better than the MSG-infested stuff you get out of a can.

Would it be possible to eat the soup the hedo described say like once a week while on fat fast?? assuming you dont go over your cal limit for the day?