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Low Carb Recipes

On a low carb diet, just wanted to hear everyones favourite low carb recipes.

Here’s one of mine:

Sausage Stuffed peppers

  1. Brown Sausage pieces (casing removed) in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2.Cut off the top of a bell pepper and remove veins and seeds,

  1. Stuff peppers with browned sausage cover with cheese

Jalapenos (optional)
Tablespoon of low carb pasta sauce (optional)

  1. bake in oven at 400F for 15min

I like using Spicy Italian flavoured sausages.

Total Carbs per Stuffed pepper:
4.5g Green pepper
3g tablespoon of pasta sauce
7.5g Total Carbs

what’s your favourite recipe while low-carbing?

I am a highschool student and hadn’t started cooking till very recently, so I keep my meals simple, and probably much worse tasting than everyone else’s. I just use lots of spices and chili sauces to hide my bad cooking skills.

ingredients: chicken, 2 eggs, veges, spicy stuff

chili chicken stir fry

-defrost and slice two chicken breasts

-season with cayenne pepper, garlic, anything you got that you like, i just throw stuff on.

-chop up some red pepper or w/e you buy, I like to add broccoli and some carrots too (only way I can eat my vegees)

-Throw a table spoon of olive oil in the pan, well, go ahead and use your favorite oil, and as much as you want

-Start by cooking the chicken, throw in the vegetables when you want to

-After the vegetables are getting cooked (I like the chicken to be getting a bit golden brown on parts and the vegetables to have some brown too) Throw in the beaten whole eggs (or unbeaten).

  • Add some sort of specialty spicy as hell chili sauce to your dish as much as you want, scramble the eggs, throw some pepper in there.

  • If you want more fats use more of the stuff that has fat or even some almonds :slight_smile:

Sorry it’s not a real ironed out recipe, but compared to my other protein fat meals (can of tuna with nuts or peanutbutter) it is pretty good and easy as hell to make your own and do whatever you want with. I mainly posted because I want this thread to live so I can eat less tuna and nuts.


Cook sausage(I use turkey).About half way done I add spinach to wilt it some.While thats cooking put eggs in bowl(I use 4) and add veggies.I like tomatoe,onions,peppers and mushrooms.Whisk.When the sausage is done add the egg mixture and cover,cook on medium low for about 5 minutes.

My favourite meal at the moment is salmon and veg stir fry.


Salmon fillet (125g)
Broccoli (100g)
Cauliflower (100g)
Sprouts (100g)
Carrots (100g)
Green beans (100g)
Butter (5g normal or 20g extra light)
Olive oil (10ml)
Garlic (1 clove/powdered garlic to taste)
Lemon juice (as much as you want)

  1. Basically the salmon is baked in a foil parcel in the oven at gas mark 6 (400 degrees?) for 15-17 mins, having been splashed generously with lemon juice, then seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic (either a clove placed within the parcel or powdered garlic covering the top of the fillet).

  2. While this is going on, the veg (all frozen) is defrosted slightly under a hot tap and placed into separate piles on a plate. The veg is then placed separately, 1 by 1, into a pan of boiling, salted water (approx 1.5 litres) for 30-60 seconds each, removed and placed on another plate.

  3. After the veg is blanched (boiled briefly), it is then stir fried in a frying pan with the butter for several minutes to reheat it. Again at this point more seasoning and garlic is added.

  4. The salmon should basically be cooked now and is therefore removed from the parcel and flaked into the stir fry mix to cook for a couple mins, allowing all the ingredients to mix.

  5. The mix is removed from the heat after roughly 5 mins and plated. At which point, it is drizzle with extra virgin olive oil evenly, generally 2 teaspoons full but you can adjust according to your goals.

I generally have this meal in the evening as it is high in protein, low in carbs and moderate in fats. The general nutritional breakdown is:

protein: 40g
carbs: 15g (of which 15g is fibre, sometimes more than the total carbs, if that is possible)
fats: 25g
cals: 450-550 based on oil/butter content.

Overall this is a great tasting, healthy meal ideal for the evening, with high protein, practically zero net carbs due to all the fibre and a moderate amount of good fats. Also it is easy to make and if you get it right, the veg tastes amazing (crisp and delicious). I love this meal so much i have it every night and just sub the salmon for some other protein source (i.e. chicken and turkey both work well). The meal is flexible aswell in that you can add/take away veg/protein sources you prefer. I am currently bulking, so not overly worried about calorie total, but this could be adjusted easily anyways by reducing oil and/or butter quantities.

Anyways, novel over, give it a try (let me know what you think), you won’t regret it!

Mine’s pretty simple. It was my “go to meal” when I was on a low carb diet for over a year. Made it multiple times a day sometimes.

  1. Fry up Onions and Mushrooms

  2. Fry an egg or two. Make it so the yolk isn’t hard and that it will run once a hole is poked into the egg (whatever the heck that’s called).

  3. Burst egg over the onions/mushrooms.

  4. Add ground turkey

  5. Add season (I like all purpose, salt free seasoning) and low carb ketchup

  6. Add some extra virgin olive oil (opional)

  7. Enjoy

This is a very easy one to make, and is a staple in my diet.

Tuna and cheese melt

  1. One can of tuna, drained and chopped up
  2. Cut up a bit of low fat cheese (enough for about 5gs of protein)
  3. add to a bowl, and put a plate on top of the bowl (so it doesn’t splatter all over your microwave
  4. put in mircowave for one min
  5. take out and add pepper, and some mustard
  6. eat

I find it tastes really good, and is a way to get about 35gs of protein and about 3gs of carbs in less than 2mins.

veggies can also be added to the mix, just add them after the tuna and cheese have been microwaved!