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Low-Carb Recipe PDFs


Hi all, I posted this on another thread but I was just clearing up my hard-drive and found a couple of old PDF files that might come in handy to those out there looking for new low-carb recipes.

One is Atkins cookbook recipes and the other is just called '1000 Low-Carb Recipes' which I think covers everything from salad dressings to deserts.

Some of it might be total crap but there's probably a fair amount of good ideas if you're running low on variety.

Anyway, PM me with email address and I'll send it on.



Okay. Have sent them to everone that PM'ed me. Hope they're of some use.


Need to bump it.

Who still has the PDF?


ha i would love to have it too....




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Would love to have a copy of this PDF if anybody has it. Thanks.




Hi all..

To everyone that requested it recently by pm (and there were tons of you) sorry but it was on an old PC that got sotlen and I no longer have the PDF.



Yup. But you wouldn't happen to know who you sent it to.. would you?


PM me a copy if anyone finds it. Thanks


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Bump, anyone who still wants this PM me your email address and I'll forward it on.


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Wow, old school thread. I am interested though. Is anyone willing to send it out?


Guys, PM me your email addresses and I'll be happy to oblige.


Definately interested as well.


Send me your email address big guy.