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Low Carb Question


I'm trying to slim down with a low carb diet with a refeed once a week, I should still have carbs post workout right? like fruit, pasta, oatmeal.


You're probably better off getting your daily allotment of carbs pre and during workout. A serving of dextrose powder in your PWO shake should be all you need.


best time to consume carbs is pre and post workout. insulin is released following carbs being consumed. insulin is anabolic which is a good thing and the carbs replace muscle glycogen again which is essential. Dont mean to be rude but it sounds as if your pretty new to the iron game so i strongly recommend you read this article. i dont want to patronize you be telling you stuff you already know, nor do i want to confuse you be using terminology you might not have a clue about.

Hope this helps.


thanks, im fairly new but im an exercise science major so i understand alot of it, but i appreciate it man


you look pretty lean in your picture, unless things have drastically changed... so why the low carb approach?


not arguing but i believe there is some merit to working out fasted (or just some protein sipped throughout) and having your carbs PWO

i remember shelby posting something about it in a spill but i cant find it...

i have been doing this lately and seeing more definition/vascularity


that picture was about a year ago lol ive bulked up since then and just need to trim around the edges...and ill try that, thanks


People are really divided on this one. I tend to think for someone more endomorphic and/or looking to eat carbs only where essential, pre carbs are much more effective than post.


Why would you have post workout carbs if you're trying to slim down?

Also, OP, I'd avoid fructose in general.


By more definition/vascularity, do you mean during your workout? after? throughout the day? If you're working out fasted, what makes you think that it's not just a function of water retention while training?


overall. through out the day, during workout etc...


Awesome! Although, checking out your avi, I'm skeptical that you may be full of shit =P


lol... those were bad times



Also, forget about fructose. You want to increase/ restore glycogen in muscle not your liver, as that is what fructose mainly does. So dextrose is better for restoring muscle glycogen.


oh and for the record, i probably should have mentioned before, im eating maintenance level calories protein/fat and a carb-up on sundays

also i sip on 10 grams leucine and 24 grams whey throughout my session, so not technically fasted...

anyway i do believe it has helped in my recomping or whatever you wanna call it


Well, in this case then, start your Sundays with a few pieces of fruit or some honey with breakfast, this will help fill the liver with glycogen (around 90g) and then eat low fructose foods the rest of the carb up. Fill the liver, then the muscle. Thibs talked about that in one of his peaking articles...


yah i've seen this recommendation before... i think you're referring to shredded in six days or something like that?

anyway i dont think there is anything wrong with the fructose first method, but i think the difference is negligible


You got it and I agree. I've "filled" up faster with this method, that's why I recommended it.


Not necessarily. I do not even think that you need carbs to bulk up. I have been gaining on average about 1 pound a week on about 100 grams of carbs a day (probably even fewer than 100). I do eat more than 100 grams of carbs, a lot more, on the weekends, but not during the week. What I have learned is that there are no hard rules. What works for some, does not work for others. The best approach is to try both (no post-workout carbs and post-workout carbs) and see how your body responds.


A little off topic, but Chocamine is a godsend for low carb diets. Seriously, try it. Puts one in a great mood, keeps energy up, great for fat loss, great focus. Mr. Starnes puts 1/3 to 1/2 tsp in his coffee once or twice a day.