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Low Carb Protein?!


Please help! lol, Being in the UK,

where can I ghet a good low carb protein from and which one?!

Dissapointed ot find chocolate Metabolic Drive isn't "in stock" at the moment.

Bare in mind im in the UK and so any suggestions would be good, especially if they're available on the monstersupplements site...



There are other flavors of Metabolic Drive than just Chocolate.

What is it with the narrow-mindedness of some of these posters lately. They have five flavors for a reason folks!!


but Chocolate's mmmmmmm mmmm gooooooooooood.


Well, they have 5 flavours for a reason, yes, and the fact that I only like chocolate is my personal choice, there may be other flavours I like 2, but im not guna "potentially" waste my money and buy a flavour that I dont KNOW i like, wen I KNOW I like chocolate.

wat is it wit the narrow mindedness of the posters lately that'll only shovel Biotest stuff? (sic)

so yeh, i can buy watever I want, no disrespect to Biotest at ALL, but they don't currently have it in stock for watever reason, so I'd rather go elsewhere. thanks for your particularly enlightening post however informing me that there are five(!) flavours available.....


You can buy Biotest stuff (some of it anyways) in the UK online. It's expensive but after research, it's not so much more expensive then some of the pure rubbish out there. I'd buy it


Speaking of manufacturer's other than Biotest - anyone have any feedback on Nature's Best?

A local BB stuff store is selling their products so I'm wondering...


How do you know you only like chocolate, as you first stated, when as you then stated- you don't know if you like the others? Kinda contradicted yourself there...

I can't bring myself to "shovel" any other manufacturer's crap. I've tried them all and they all suck. There isn't a brand of powder at GNC, Vitamin World, or a couple other local shops here that I haven't tried over the years. None of them stack up.

Go ahead and waste your money on other stuff. You'll be sorry you never tried the banana M-drive...


Yeh, i usually ghet my chocolate Grow! from monstersupplements.com... but I cannot anymore, so if there are any more UK based sites please let me know so I can order stuff lol...

because I am very picky, dont like banana flavour anyting, etc, or strawberry anyting for dat matter, so yeh, id rather not bother than potentially waste my very limited funds on someting dat i dont wana drink?!

well that's your opinion and i respect that, eg i wont tell u to try anyting else do i, most of the posters here don't actually respond to the questions aksed I swear - and im shure you've tried "ALL" of them, in the world, ever. An for the record, as I stated earlier im in the UK, and I've never seen most of those places you mentioned, and finally wud never go to a random health food store to buy my protein..

BTW - wen I was finding it hard to easily add more calories I went for TWINLAB MASS FUEL. just bout got thru 2 tubs of this now, and very nice it is 2... (chocolate flavour obviously lol)

I wont try banana m drive - but no, ill never "be sorry" because I'll never know wat it tastes like anyway! I wish I liked it, so i cud buy some and be done with it, but in general I dont, so I'm still looking for a better option :\

Thanks for the comments/help people... still lacking a final product tho lol..


I get my Biotest stuff from affordablesupplements.co.uk.

I also recommend reflex microwhey as a cheap, low carb, whey isolate source. (Its a bit thin in water, but good with milk.)


awesome mate, thanks very much. :slightly_smiling: thought i was stuffed after monstersupps was out of everything...


ok sorry to everyone to carry this on,

they're out of stock of Metabolic Drive... im runnin out of options / ideas :frowning:


I'd definitely go for microwhey in that case. I use it as my main protein powder, other than workout time, where I use a hydrolysed source.


Check out affordablesupplements.co.uk
They may have some choc Metabolic Drive in stock. If not, I think reflex instant whey is ok. It's not Biotest but it's ok.





affordable supps didn't have any in stock... :slightly_smiling:

awaiting delivery lets see if it turns up lol! thanks...