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Low Carb Protein

Seeing that low carb Grow! is not out yet, I was thinking of trying Labrada Pro V60. Has anyone here tried this??? Or does anyone have any other rec’s for a casein/whey low carb protein??


Go to ProteinFactory. They have a number of no carb blends available. The price is DIRT
CHEAP, and the protein quality is good.

I’d rather just wait another week for Biotest’s Advanced Protein, otherwise known as low-carb Grow!

pro-v60 is a pretty decent protein blend in my opinion. i’ve gone through at least 10 jugs. the taste isn’t too bad (although i find taking it with water kind of sucks) and there is a pretty good amount of protein in the jug. good value also. until i find something better, i plan to keep taking this.

Nature’s Best Isopure. The flavors are Excellent and they stay sort of thin, so you’re not weighed down.

who said that Biotests new low carb product was being released in a week??? That would be great!!

Why, none other than Tim himself! He answered one of my quetsions in T-mag a few weeks ago and said that the new version, called Advanced Protein, had already gone into production and would be released in mid-February. Watch those updates!

The way I see it you have only a few choices. The labrada protein is pretty good actually, mixes easily too. However, it is a little low in the casein department. Try Protein Plus from Met-Rx which is mostly casein from milk isolate. Try chocolate for taste and mixability. If you are blending your drinks, I suggest you try Pro-Peptide from Dorian Yates Approved…the only protein available with micellar undenatured casein. Also, it is arguably the ONLY protein on the market with truly undenatured whey, that is not a by-product of cheese manufacture. It is sourced from France by the way. All other wheys are from milk that has already been pasteurised, therefore heat damaged. After that, it may be “cool processed”…but it is too late at that point. Even Charles Poliquin strongly recommended the Pro-Peptide to me.

Scott - I agree with your comments about Protein Plus and Pro Peptide. However, I personally find Pro Peptide harder to take - it feels too “rich” for me and I find it difficult to take in sufficient quantity. I’ve wondered whether this is because of the MCTs that it also contains. I have to say that I’ve had enough of Protein Plus as well at the moment and I’m looking for a change. When the low carb Grow finally arrives in the UK that will be great. Until then I’m thinking of importing a custom blend from this Protein Factory place in the States that everyone’s talking about.

BTW, whereabouts in the UK are you? I live in Swindon but work in Poole and stay down there and train there during the week. How about yourself?

Hi Phil, we have talked on the phone. I am at Workout World london. Yeah, you get tired of any product taste and texture wise, but that doesn’t change the fact that some are just better products than others I guess. Advanced Protein is real close, Feb 15th Biotest said. Same casein/whey blend as in GROW! apparently.

Hi Scott. A while after I posted my reply I suddenly began to wonder if it was you. The comment about “Biotest says…” and about the quality of the protein in Pro Peptide were the giveaway. You’re beginning to sound like Doug! :slight_smile: However, I think that we in the UK will have to wait a while after the 15th for Advanced Protein given that the US shipping date is the 20th. BTW, I’m serious about Pro Peptide - I think that it’s a great protein but I wish they’d take the MCTs out of it or whatever it is that makes it so “creamy”. With the quantities I need the stuff makes me want to barf. Tastes great in smaller doses though (vanilla). I don’t suppose Dorian and Kerry read this anyway!