Low Carb Products

Are low carb products okay to incorporate into your diet with P+F meals. I’m thinking of the low carb breads/tortillas/bagels or milks and yogurts…

Avoid the ones that encorporate a lot of soy. Beyond that and the specifics of how some low-carb products are made/what ingredients they contain, low carb foods are usually a good idea. Avoiding refined sugars and simple carbs, white flour and the like is usually a good idea even if you’re not concerned about overall carb counts.

I wouldn’t say it’s a “bad” idea… but
With the exception of NSA syrup (my one occasional indulgence), alot of products are just loaded with all kinds of alternatives.

I think that from a health perspective, I try to eat as “basic” as possible.
Try to avoid aspartame, sugar alcohols, soy fillers and… you know, monosodium poisonate.

Almost everything I eat has about 1-2 things on the ingredient label.
If I couldn’t grow it/catch it/kill it… I probably wouldn’t eat it.

The one time I did try a low-carb something, I responded pretty badly to it. Try some products out - find out if your system agrees with them, and go from there.