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Low carb products that dont suck...

Long time viewer, first time poster (under this name, forgot my old username.) Anyway, this is the low carb products that dont suck thread. The criteria being: it is readily available in a local B&M grocery store (publix, winn dixie, etc,) and that it not taste like crap.Ill go first: Carb Countdown Dairy Beverage from a company called Hood.I just tried the chocolate milk and it kicked much booty. Could be slightly sweeter, but a little whipped cream fixed that up.

kcal: 100
carbs: 3g (2 net)
fat: 4.5g
protein: 12g

Now YOU go…

TCBY has fat free, sugar free, low-carb frozen yogurt. It’s VERY good. I usually eat it on my weekly cheat day. I don’t know the exact stats offhand, but I remember them being quite favorable to my goals: cutting.

orowheat makes a great tasting bread: 70 calories, 9 grams carbs but 3 are fibre, 4g protein, 1.5g fat. “Carb counters Bread” its called. and NO SOY:)

I seconfd the carb countdown milk. Kicks much ass!

Steak!! haha sorry had to throw that in there


I’m in complete accord. My favorite low carb products are steak, eggs, cheese, chicken, tuna, pork, veggies, etc. I find that low-carb snack foods make me crave the real thing more than help satisfy the cravings.

I second or maybe third the Hood low carb milk. I tried it after T-mag recommended it. Great with Fiber One cereal.

Low Carb Grow has to make the list as well. Much more versatile than carb-containing MRPs.

Atkins bagels are good, but the pancake and muffin mixes taste like cardboard.

Yeah Chris I agree with you on the low carb snack foods, I have enough willpower to wait it out until a cheat day to just eat the real thing that i crave,i find it does not harm my goals,or appearance if once a week or so i just eat “real” ice cream or a few “real” cookies.I also do not really get sweets cravings very often anyway.

Hell yeah, I drink about 1/2-3/4 gallon of the Hood milk per day. 2 cups with a Low Carb Lean Body makes a pretty decent shake with 70 grams protein, a few grams of fat, and about 18g carbs.

Yes the Hood Low Carb milk is good. I also like the La Tortilla Low Carb Tortillas.

Is this Hood milk in the milk section at your basic grocery store? I’ve never seen it, but would like to try it. How much is it?

I like the hood llow carb milk. some of that, alittle optimum nutrtion pro and some natural pb makes a great shake.

good stuff. I hit the chocolate version.

I bought it at Winn Dixie. Its about $3 per carton…Considering the majority of this board eats a low/moderate carb diet, im surprised there hasnt been more input.

All Breads manufactured by Food For Life. They can be found in the freezer section of your health food store. They are full of organic whole grains, tons of fiber, no sugar, no chemicals, and they taste damn good.
Ezekiel Sesame is my fav.
Not sure how lo-carb you’re going; each slice has 10-11 g of carbs and 3 of those are fiber.

Mission has a low carb tortilla thats great.
The burrito sized ones I bought have like 20 grams of fiber and about 10 grams of carbs.
They tastes almost identical to a regular tortilla in terms of taste. Excellent

Since this thread was brought back from the dead (im a poet and dont even know it,) i’ll add a new one: Atkins vanilla flavored syrup. Used in my morning coffee, it is the shiznit. Its sweeted with Splenda and has 0 calories. Its sold at my local GNC.

ABN, worth mentioning are the Walden Farms salad dressings. A 2-tablespoon serving is 0 calories, 0 carbs, 0 protein, 0 fat. The taste is OUTTA THIS WORLD!!! They also make some BBQ sauce and shrimp cocktail sauce that ROCKS!!!

Other than that, I like the LaTortilla Low-Carb Tortillas for a little variety. Carbs = 3g, calories = 50. That’s on the small tortillas, though.

TT- You should tell them that it’s 3g net carbs with a lot of soy, 12g carb total, 9 fiber.

Try oroweat light bread, whole wheat. No soy or hardly any additives, it’s 9/2/.25 per slice with 3.5 g fiber.

Heinz Low Carb Ketsup 1 g carb per tbs, much better taste than walden farms ketsup errr tomato paste…Mama Lupes LC tortillas 3 net carbs, taste great, no transfats.