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Low-Carb Potassium Sources?

I’ve noticed that many foods typically said to contain a significant amount of potassium also contain a fair amount of sugar and/or starch. I’m wondering what you low-carb guys out there rely on as your staple potassium sources, since supplements (multivitamins and whatnot) typically don’t contain more than a small fraction of the RDA. Thanks.

Whole leafy green veggies.

So far as I know the only way to buy a concentrated potassium supplement is to buy “Light Salt.” This is only because it isn’t considered a supplement.

There is I believe some type of regulation against putting much potassium in supplement products.


About 300 mg per 250 calorie serving

Because a banana is going to totally ruin your life and diet…

[quote]elih8er wrote:
Because a banana is going to totally ruin your life and diet…[/quote]

One medium banana has 420 mg of potassium- that’s not likely to be a significant contribution to anyone’s daily total. I’m sorta wondering whether most people are potassium-deficient, seeing as how consumption of fruits and vegetables isn’t exactly high in the US.

most people are deficient and it shows in osteoporosis the western diet is very high salt low pottasium and it causes the body to pull hydroxpapitite (CaPO4) from the body. so you are correct. The reason potassium supplementation is rare can be explained by the dangerous effects of hyperkalemia and if there is one thing that bodybuilders know its that dumbasses take too much of one supplement and screw it up for the rest of us… you can get over the counter potassium chewables if youre really worried about it…

peanuts: 200mg per 1/4 cup @ 2.5 net cho

The real question is why do you think you are deficient in potassium? If you are eating a balanced diet it is probably impossible to be deficient, unless you have some serious underlying health problems such as renal failure.

I’m not saying that I think I’m deficient- it just seems like a nutrient that a lot of people could be lacking without realizing it.