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Low-Carb or Classic Grow!?


After a month, I've nearly burned through my Low-Carb Grow!. I'm around 215lbs right now and 10-11% BF and my goal is to get my BF% down to 7-8% and my overall weight to around 235-240. I'm not particularly carb sensitive, so I'm wondering if Classic Grow! may be a better fit for my dietary needs. Any advice?


The best anyone can recommend is to try a bottle and see how it works for you.

I typically use 3 bottles of the Low-Carb version to every one bottle of the Classic version, though.


Keep in mind that you can make Low-Carb Grow! as high in carbs as you want simply by adding shit like oatmeal, bananas, fruit, etc. to it.


And Low-Carb Grow! is an overall superior protein mix. Classic would be good for a medium-speed digesting protein, but if you're at a point (i.e. not right after a workout) where you can use a slower-speed protein, Low-Carb would be superior.