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Low-Carb Nutrition



  1. I'm doing a low carb diet, following Thib's guidelines basically (above link). However, I don't use glutamine, creatine, or BCAA's, nor do I plan to, so what should be done about pre-workout and PWO nutrition? One scoop MD Low Carb pre-workout and half a serving Surge PWO? What should my PWO meal be then, high fat and high protein?

  2. I'm also interested in increasing my fiber in my diet (I get very little right now) which I have heard is good for overall health and even fat loss. What are some foods that would be good to add to my diet that are high in fiber?

  3. Even though im low-carbing, is it important to still get some carbs in my breakfast, or will the fat I consume just take the place of the carbs?

  4. I'm planning on having 3 lifting days in the summer (Bill Starr's 5x5), with three off days of sprints. Is this to much workload? I know sprints are great for losing weight, but im confused on what the best frequency is for them.

Thanks for any help you guys can give.

  1. Ground Flax Meal (or whole Flax seeds that you pulse grind yourself). They are cheap at Whole Foods (couple bucks for a pound). Keep refrigerated, add a tablespoon or so to your shakes. Good source of fiber and healthy fat.

If you prefer to let somebody else grind your flax, Bob’s Red Mill is a good brand.

Also, fiberous vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, green beans, cabbage. Starchy vegetables to avoid or eat sparingly are potatoes (all kinds), peas, corn, beets and carrots (high sugar) and a couple more… basically, it’s easier to name the vegetables you should be careful of, than name all the vegetables it’s okay to eat.