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Low Carb Meal Ideas

I was looking at starting a diet in a month or so, one of the modified CKD, and i was thinking it will be difficult to keep a well balanced, healthy diet. Any of you guys done anything like this and what sort of things did you eat???

Lots of veggies…make sure you get them in!! Then add meats and good fats like nuts and avacado, olive oil, etc.

A meal I love is chilled baked salmon over a salad. I make a marinade with mustard, olive oil, and lemon juice.

Also chicken over salad with avacado.

Turkey burgers with no buns along with veggies…the possibilities are endless…

Let me know if you want more ideas…

Try, mixed veg / cottage cheese and turkey. It’s my lunch time meal at the moment and it’s yummy, I also have a similar thing before training but had potato as well for some complex carbs.