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Low Carb Mag-10

Hey when are you guys going to come out with a low carb Mag-10? I only take in 5 grams of carbs a day, and I can’t spare the 3 grams of carbs. Also, are these carbs low glycemic?

thou art insaneth… hehehe also ironically enough Methoxy 7 also has like 3 grams of carbs… same product different label? no… worthy of conspirary theories? YES!

That’s funny, Jimmy. Um, you are joking, right? And people say I’m carb phobic!

I wanted so badly to respond, but I don’t even know where to begin…speechless.

I only take in .33 gram of a carb a day. I can’t afford to take in a full gram because I will get very fat.

Ha ha, take it with fibre, it helps people talk :o) You’ll burn that in oh, 3 minutes in the gym? Nah 2.476 minutes I think, uh oh wait, my numbers are wrong, gimme a minute…

Second thoughts, split it into 2x 1/2 doses a day otherwise the insulin rush will cause it all to turn in to fat!

Seriously though, you could subtract it from the recommended minimum of 500g carbs per day while on MAG-10 - Okay, I can’t be serious so I’ll get my cloak now, but thankyou for giving me a good ab workout :o) Take care

Are you crazy??? This has to be a joke, right?

Get some professional help. This can be treated successfuly nowadays.

I am dead serious. If I take in 1/2 gram of a carb a day, I put on 5 pounds of water weight.
I now restructured my diet to include only
.001119 gram of a carb a day. This works really well.

JV did you round up that last digit?, 'cos my calcrilations show that you would put on a smidgen under 5lbs water with that much carbohydrate (+ or - 50%ish).

[new research indicates that statistics are going UP!]