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Low Carb, Low Serotonin

When I start restricting my carbs I notice I cant sleep at night, and that my body does not handle the stress from workouts well.

When I reintroduce carbs in my diet I usually can sleep better but fat loss isn’t as fast.

How can I balance serotonin on a Low Carb diet.?

try some 5-HTP 1 hr before bed.
dr tim

Ive tried gaba and that doesn’t seem to help me sleep. What is the dosage for 5htp. Ive only used in when it was in the old md6.



Why go on a low carb diet if you are having side effects? Maybe you are going too low. Are you hypoglycemic at all?

And as others have said, try ZMA, melatonin, etc., if you insist on going low carb.