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low carb = low energy?


Hey everyone,
I have been reading up on the forum about how some of you stay lean and cut on low carb diets. I have a few questions:
1) do you eat this way year round or just xxx weeks before a contest?
2) do you eat/drink carbs before and directly after training? If not, what is you performance in the gym or doing cardio like?

One more unrelated ? for Patricia. You say your contest BF is 10% - in the picture someone posted of you a while back, you looked leaner than that. What was your BF in that picture? Just curious what 10% looks like and too lazy to have mine checked!



ive been doing the t-dawg diet for a couple of weeks now and i have never felt any lack of energy or weakness in the gym. just be sure to supplement with glutamine to replenish your glycogen storage.


1) I do not allow myself to get very fat, but I don't stay lean all the time. I don't the exact BF percentages. Even in a peak mass season I never eat junk food.I eat a lot of food, but my carbs are still only oatmeal, veggies and fruit.I cannot progress in mass, strength or some other ability if I play on a border of leaness.

2)I eat low carb diet(max-120g/day) 12 weeks per year. At that time I eat two carb meals a day, one in the morning,and one after the training session. During those 12 weeks I am usually on ephedrine or some other stimulant so hunger is not a major problem. My perfomance definitely suffer, but stimulants help in this area as well.I always have a carb drink after the training. You just have to. Intense training on low carb diet will make you dead tired in the of the training. Your hands will tremble,and you'll feel extremely weak.


One important note about Pat's body fat percentage. 10% on a female will look VERY different than 10% on a male. 10% on a male is just starting to get lean whereas 10% on a female will usually look very lean.