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Low Carb Labels Banned

Health Canada to Ban Low-Carb Food Labels

Citing a lack of scientific evidence to support low-carbohydrate diet claims, Health Canada plans to ban food and drink labels that tout low carbohydrates.

The labeling rules will go into effect in December 2005 for large companies and in 2007 for smaller companies selling food products in Canada, the Toronto Star reported.

Even the use of carbohydrate-linked brand names and trademarks, such as Kraft’s Carb-Well line, will be subject to the new regulations.

“There was – and still is – no reason from a nutrient point of view to be concerned with the amount of carbs that we eat,” Health Canada spokeswoman Carole Saindon told the Star.

That’s incredibly stupid… I can see banning claims that the food would reduce your bodyfat. But saying that a food is low-carb is just a statement of fact.

I’m in agreement with nephorm. Claiming a product is “low carb” has nothing to do with whether it’s actually going to reduce bodyfat. Let the government sue Atkins (or more appropriately his estate, since he’s dead).


Health Canada’s “Canada Food Guide to Healthy Eating” supports an average of 55% carb intake, 30% fats (10% each of mono/poly/sat), and 15% protein for the average Canadian.

They’re trying to discourage people from what they consider an unhealthy practice it seems. Health Canada has a vested interest as the socialized health care systems means they pay for our sick asses. I see it more as an investment.

Well, don’t forget, they aren’t stopping the company from actually having a nutritional label with the facts on it.

However, I have to agree, banning those marketing claims is really silly. I don’t think they government is in a position to dictate what we should or should not know about our food products.

It’s not like “LOW CARB” itself is actually a health claim. Moronic government idiots.

Somewhat interesting article on MSN.