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Low Carb/Keto With Endurance Sports?


Just curious, in my old age for various reasons I enjoy doing low carb or keto at times to stay leaner. Im not 100% its the only way to go to get fit or healthy, as BB have been doing chicken, rice, yams, oatmeal, and eggs for years. Just to make it clear Im not trying to start any debate on which is best or saying one diet is better.

Curious because I know many people who do lots of endurance work, jogging, biking, marathon training, or triathlons, etc...yet so many people around here look like fat sausages stuffed in a condom on their bikes or running....Im so betting many of them are not getting enough protein and fats....

Everyone here is probably more iron geared like myself, and we are worried about the weightroom. But is anyone here a runner or road riding biker? Can recreational endurance athletes pull off a low carb diet? Supplemented with lots of protein, BCAAs, and EFAs? And during their training sip on a carb drink with BCAAs in it, and try to eat "good carbs" pre and post training, while minimizing them otherwise sticking to meat and veggies.

Just curious...what kind of diets and supplements you would suggest for porkly steady state folks who are probably scared of eating more protein or fat


it's no fun, but give it a try and see if you can tolerate it. If you are very competitive, I would say no; keto and endurance events are like oil and water, they just don't mix


The most I could run was 5k's. After that, needed Sharkee's.

I don't recommend it at all. You need the glycogens.


Thanks guys! Again not for me, even when i was younger and healthier the only time I ran more than 40 yards was when I was forced by sport coach or occupational training...otherwise I live in a power rack or on a olympic lifting platform! Just curious.....I see so many of these folks with horrific body composition, and the few ive talked to its always carb loading this and that and scared of protein and fats....Im just curious if anyone in those sports has done a higher protein diet with lots of EFAs, keeping carbs around training events higher and aside from that maybe fruits and veggies, maybe more like a paleo diet...

I did keto while training for college football, and it was NOT good...pulled my groin off the bone, tore fascia in my quad, and eventually even though I started taking carbs in I was already in a overtrained state early season and ripped the medial head of my calf in half (total tear/split right up the middle detached). Not saying it was all keto, but that summer I did keto and hard anaerboic training, sprints, heavy lifting, it was a chore and hurt my body like hell hah...I was ripped yes, but at what cost....if I was smarter about low carb diets or taking in more carbs pre/during/post training maybe I would have done better.


Steady state cardio when on AD or keto. Keep HIIT for the week end carb feed.