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Low Carb & HIT Training

I’ve been following the Steroid Dieting plan naturally for about 2 weeks, supplementing with Hot-Rox, glutamine (pre and post workout both cardio and weights) & creatine.

Currently, I’m lifting each bodypart once per week in the 4-6 rep range. I’ve been doing HI cardio 6x per week for about 6 weeks now.

Since I cut my carbs from 150 grams to about 50-60 grams, I’ve been alot more sore. Is the soreness due to a lower amount of post-workout carbs (Usually 50 grams, now about 22 after HI cardio and weights)? Thanks!


Although I’m pretty new to this board I have been doing a similar program. Yes your soreness is probably related to low carbs.

You might want to consider Surge. I had a similar experience to you. I didn’t eat Post Workout Carbs. This really took me longer to recover. In fact, I felt so miserable that I took 5 days off from training because I felt so weak. I slept 14 hours straight on the weekends! It was at this time that I ordered Surge and tried to give it a try. It really helped my soreness and recovery.

You might want to try increasing your carbs on your weight training days. If you try surge consume 1/2 of it during your workout so that you are burning them up and consume 1/2 immediately following your workout. This will help with soreness. I don’t think it will hinder your fatloss goals too much.


Thanks for the insight. Man, I’m always tired too, while on this diet.

Strangely enough my strength levels have stayed constant even while losing bodyfat. I’m currently about 7.5% and only losing 1 lb a week max. I think the strentgh retention must be do to the low volume and 4-6 rep range training.


sorry but lifting that much and high intensity cardio 6 TIMES A WEEK, and limiting carbs and total intake you should not only be tired but damn near a zombie.

I am not trying to flame but Help out. I would say move to at least a T-dawg level of carbs. Do yourself a favor. You could atleast raise you carbs PWO and not slow your progress, and possibly raise it.

And this. @ 7.5% losing a lb a week at this low of a BF% is not slow by anymeans. You should really be careful about losing some of that precious LBM.

What is your current total intake and protein intake like?

Also, you say you are following the steroid diet plan. just the diet or are you on some assitance of PH/PS/AAS also that will help to maintain that LBM while dieting?

Another great option would be look into a diet that employs a heavy carb reload 1 or more times a week. Something like Ud2.

I cant really go into much more without knowing your current intake and macro breakdown, except to say you may rethink the amount of cardio you are doing and up those carbs some.

Hope this helps,

Do not follow the steroid dieting plan if you are not using steroids. Use a little common sense. Cutting your calories that drasticaly without the aid of an adrogen will make your muscles diapear. Also doing HIIT 6x/wk is not the most optimal way to train.

Currently, I’m about 180 lbs at 7.5% bodyfat ± some water here or there.

I’m eating 275 grams of protein, 50 grams of carbs and 30 grams of fat. It totals about 1600-1650 calories.

That’s about 10X LBM and low, but not super-low. My metablolism seems to die at this level of fat. This is the only method, I’ve ever had success with to get lower.

I wish the T-Dawg would work, but I’ve never been able to reach ketosis and the extra fat just adds up to be more calories and fat loss stalls. Believe me, it sucks. Maybe I just have an awful metablolism.