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Low Carb, High Fat

What are your guys thoughts on low carb, high fat for gaining lean muscle? I eat about 3,000-3,500 a day with ground beef, cottage cheese, cream, half and half, egge, sometimes a protien bar, and some beef jerky. I am looking to get bigger and stronger. Carbs are around 50 grams a day or so, and they are mostly from the cottage cheese (it’s hard to find a variety of foods that are 0 carb, but high protien and fat). I have been focusing on more compound movements at the gym and most importantly getting stronger at these lifts. I have been doing this regimen for about a week, and I feel great. If I feel like I need some energy, I’ll get a cut of coffee (with cream). I don’t feel bad at all going without the carbs. My workouts are good too, about the same as they were eating more carbs. I will still drink a post workout shake with about 40 or so g of carbs. I’ve read too much Berardi to do otherwise.