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Low-Carb Grow!

Hi all! My first post. I am biting the bullet and doing the V-diet. Wish Chris’s wife had done it to see female results! Curious why I spent literally 20+ minutes searching for Biotest Low-Carb Grow! on the internet and could not find ANY. Some said out of stock some said discontinued, some even said they were choosing to no longer carry this product. It made me assume something was wrong with the stuff. When I logged on here and saw an ad for it and that it was in stock, I was shocked. Needless to say I immediately placed my order for it, in addition the HOT-ROX and Surge. thoughts?

You shouldn’t be shocked to see it in stock at this website because this website is owned by Biotest.

Keep looking around and reading. Chris’s wife did do the v-diet, or a slightly modified version of it.

Also, generally, Biotest sells a lot of their products here, at very low prices, instead of through external distributors.

Although from time to time they are in fact out of stock, which has everyone up in arms – since some of these products are in fact staples!

ooooh, thanks guys, that makes sense. Omigod, if they run out when I need it most, I may just flip out too! I only got 1 jar of each!

ok, I just looked thru archives for her results, any ideas?

Nevvvver mind, just found it! Thank you

Good luck with the V-Diet. I found it way easier to do if you do a solid meal per day. Mine was always 2 chicken breast atop a small salad.

Stay on here for support, it is totally worth it. Hopefully your SN can change too!

Good luck, be sure to check out the Velocity Diet support threads. Here’s the more recent one:

Feel free to browse others’ results and feedback. Also, not everyone did the diet exactly the same, you may find something that makes it easier for you.

Also, considering that Grow! is your staple, you might want to reeaaallly make sure you don’t run out - most people order all their supplements for the month ahead of time. It may seem like a large up-front cost, but really, credit cards only come due once a month anyway.

I was quite amused that you didn’t know that Grow! was sold here, despite some links in the article :slight_smile: It’s all good.

Good luck!

thanks guys, Im excited/nervous!
when I was reading the threads about the V-Diet I think I was reading it more as an observer of a bad car accident vs. thinking about doing it myself! Too scary! so I dont think I paid much attention to the links or any of the surround “ads” for the Grow!. Good suggestion on the stock up for the month though! thank you