Low Carb Grow

Just wanted to say that Low Carb Grow tastes pretty good… and the aftertaste is even better. Orignally I was planning to start a fat fast program with low carb grow, but then after odering it I couldn’t wait and used some optimum whey, it tastes ok in milk, but in water it tastes like crap… not to mention what happens when you add flax seed oil to it. The thought of taking the other protein would make me gag a bit, still I’d be glad to fill my belly. Anyway thanks again Biotest. Its even pleasurable to burp! (new slogan? hehe).

Did you guys change the taste of Advanced Protein when you renamed it Low Carb Grow!? Is it just me or does it taste better now?!? Maybe I just missed the article or post about it but please let me know about this. Thanks!

I miss Grow! sorely…it was the best tasting MRP out there(first one I bought…now I take Optimum Nutrition MRP,IT SUCKS ASS!! It tastes HORRIBLE!!! NOTHING NOTHING LIKE GROW!))