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Low-Carb Grow! VS Casein

both are low in carbs, similar in price, and similar amounts of protein per serving.
The casein is 100% casein, whereas Grow! is not? is the Grow! a blend of casein and whey?

i currently use casein as a bedtime shake, any reason to swtich to Grow!?

Reasons to change to Grow!!

Micellar Casein as well as a proteinblend giving both HIGH quality fast and slow digested protein to gibge an even distribution of Aminos.

Taste. The stuff tatse amazing. All other Casiens I have treid tatse just better than plain chalk.

Mixibility. Only casien based product Ive used that mixes this well.

Above all you will support all the top notch otherwise FREE info. they supply us with. You are spending the money anyway on what is most likely a lesser product for one or more of the reasons above whay not fill those downfalls with a better product and support even MORE advancement and info on this site.

Just my 2cc,