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Low-Carb Grow! Shhhhazzzammm!

I just got Low-Carb Grow! reformulated and I cracked the puppy open and tasted it!

Shazzzam! Taste still amazing and now upgraded.

My favorite protein powder!

keep up the good work w/ the supplements!

-Get Lifted

Agreed. The former version tasted a bit chemically. This one tastes like a full carb version. Good work, Biotest boys. Now, lets get on with that compound Cy keeps teasing us with.

Did anyone else notice that this version mixed more easily with water, and seemed smoother than the old version? I second that it seemed to taste just a touch better too, though I never thought there was anything wrong with the taste of the old version.

Good job guys – worth the wait (although it’s easy to say now, when I’m no longer in withdrawl…).

Is it thicker than the old Low-Carb Grow!?

[quote]fedorov91 wrote:
Is it thicker than the old Low-Carb Grow!?[/quote]

It seems about the same to me, but I always vary the amount of water depending on whether I’m in the mood for a thick or thin shake.

Haven’t tried the chocolate yet, but the vanilla is pure heaven. Makes my nipples tingle. :slight_smile:

I totally agree with that statement, BB.

This stuff is, qute simply, amazing!

Thanks again, Biotest, for pushing the envelope on all of our behalf!