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Low-Carb Grow! Bar?


I was wondering if anyone knows of any plans for Low-Carb Grow! Bars? It seems to me that there are many of us, including myself, that would love to have a low-carb option. Hopefully this hasn't already been asked, as I don't want to be redundant, but I haven't seen anything on it at all.




I don't think it's truly possible to do such a thing.


Yeah, TC or Tim have posted that they can't make a quality low-carb bar because of all the junk they have to contain to not have the consistency of a brick.


As of right now the only flavor they could make that is truly low-carb(and edible) is Jerky flavor..

Ingredients: meat, salt an spices.


Too bad... I don't mind doing the shake thing, just thought it would be really convenient if they could pack those 22 protein grams carb-free, even if it does taste like conjugated chalk-dust...



Just eat Grow! in powder form. Or take a little water and maybe an egg and mix it up like you're making pie crust. Then you can have a nice Low-Carb Grow! bar!!!!


MMM....maybe add a little bacon and eggs and have a nice little Keish bar.