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Low carb grow and fish oil

2 things… if I’m allergic to casein, will I have a problem with the low carb grow?

Also, how good is fish oil (omega 3’s) in cap form? Does that stuff maintain efficacy at room temp? Or am I buying stuff that just turns into shlack in a few days?

thanks alot

Actually, the fish oil capsule topic is something I’ve been wondering about, too. Does anyone think the GNC brand of caps is a smart purchase, or should I stick with Dale Alexander?

Low Carb Grow will definitely be a problem, it has both casein and milk protein

ok… thought so. any recommendations as to a protein source that is somewhat comparable? Right now, I’m using designer whey. That sucks man, I really wanted to get low carb grow. I hate the taste of designer.

AP (low carb grow) works fine for me and I’m lactose intol. If it don’t work for you, you can always send it back for a refund.

You’re right, but would hate to return a product because I have a problem instead of the product having the problem.