low carb goodies

ok, im starting a low carb diet and just wondering what all you guys eat for low carbs. my favs are tuna and boneless chicken breasts… mmm and cant forget pickles.

good thing its boneless chicken breast since bones have a lot of carbs in em… just kiddin heh… umm… some nuts, cottage cheese, cheese, eggs, low carb grow, too bad things with carbs taste so damn good… same thing with greesy trans fatty acids… mmm… trans fatty acids…

well, I;m keeping under 100g a day, so I still have my oatmeal in the mornings, but I’ve been making omlettes with mozzarella cheese and pepperoni and it’s actually damn tasty! Also been having a lot of peanut butter with a side of Grow, and for the first time in a long time, lots of mayonaise with my tuna (if u add enough of it, u can force down about 3 cans easily!). It’s actually easier than you’d think because suddenly you can eat high fat stuff!

The mess o’ greens salad (t-dawg diet) is full of tasty stuff and you get your fiber too!!!
Here’s one I’m eating right now : No Fat cottage cheese with a little low carb GROW sprinkled on for flavor. Give it a try…Sometimes the most bizarre concoctions turn out to be the best.
Just stay away from those so called “protein” bars as most of them contain more carbs than you know (see protein insider article).
Best to you my freind.