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Low Carb Foods


I just started a low carb diet and was wondering what would be foods that you would consider free or really would not count towards your total carb intake? Does not have to be low calorie but small when it came to insulin response. I have been sticking to oatmeal before training, and then green beans broccoli and brussel soprouts the rest of the day.


double facepalm



Most Protein powders, all meats.



This is a tough question.


Vegetables and Meat.




Can you be more specific?


i heard a rumor that most companies put some sort of label on the packages for their food. it lists grams of fat, protein, and carbs. i think they also put ingredients there too. just a rumor though.


If only there were some way I could also determine the amount of money I would have to exchange for the food in order to purchase it (i.e. the 'price').